Advertising Sales and Promotion London 2012 Olympics

The marketing communications plan for the London 2012 Olympics is one that has to entail nearly every possible marketing and media vehicle, use up each bit of rating point, grab as much market share and chalk out huge media spend levels. Doing so would not only require clear hindsight but also fore vision and tact. Apart from this, a lot of amalgamated efforts have to be put in practice before the dream is realized. All said and done, the marketing communications plan has to comprise of just about every possible aspect of marketing and media usage available in the United Kingdom.There are scores of benefits that are available for the related businesses in the city as well as the whole nation for that matter. The need of the hour is to pinpoint how the small businesses can positively contribute towards the London 2012 Olympics and how they can in return be benefited from the very same. It has to be a mutual contact, one that looks after the rights of each party as well as shares the profits thus earned. The small businesses need to be assured that their message will be relayed back and forth during the duration of the Olympics and their schemes, offers and other plans would be met to dot. [Budd, 2004] However doing so could be a big hassle for the Olympics committee (of London). But then it is very important to take these small businesses along and ensure that they work in unison. A lot of forward planning has to make way for what has to happen ultimately. Six years down the road, the vision has to become reality and for that our actions have to speak louder than mere words. We have to stand up and be counted.The Olympics organization needs to understand that the agency will do its best to ensure that all marketing-related activities echo with the overall ‘feel’ of the whole extravaganza as well as guarantee that we would live up the challenge, in fact, do more than the expectations that they have with us.