American Telephone and Telegraph Company Citizenship and Sustainability

The current clientele of theATT company is divided into the ‘Signature Client Group’ (SCG), in which it has 300 accounts in collaboration with Global multinationals and spends $ 5-10 M (million)in the telecom sector on it, the ‘Premier Client Group’ (PCG), in which it has a stupendous 22K+ (thousand plus) accounts composed of the Enterprise, mid-market and acquisition sectors where the total telecom spend is $ 1M and the small business (SMB) sector, wherein it covers the national and the regional business markets, spending $100K-1M $50K-100K on each respectively (Kalata, 2011). The SMB currently has 125K accounts. Besides these three major groups, it has global ramifications which it labels as ‘Most of World’ (MOW) which incorporates the non-US based clientele, where the projected spend is $500K, and also offers government solutions in the local government, educational and medical sectors’ (Kalata, 2011). ATT offers network, devices as well as applications’ to its consumer base. Focus Strategy ATT has developed its product lines for its varied customer base by focusing on differentiation and cost leadership which can be illustrated with Porter’s Generic Model.ATT subsidiaries and affiliates provide a wide array of network resources for their consumers within the US as well as internationally (Stephenson, 2008). Keeping abreast with technology, it is currently the exclusive provider of the fastest 3G network within the United States with eyes on progressing towards 4G as and when it acquires the capability for it through its constant focus on innovation. In addition, it claims to provide the fastest wireless, wifi, internet broadband and voice services within the US. It has also diversified into the TV broadcast (DIRECTV) and yellow pages business, offering multimedia local search solutions. Their IP (Internet Protocol) based business communications services are considered the most advanced in the world. The company offers tailor-made solutions for the different cultural groups within the United States, never forgetting what is important for the consumers, shareholders, business associates and employees. Key Success Metrics In the highly competitive global environment, survival and sustainability of a company depend upon the level of its adaptability to the continuously changing consumer demand, ability to come up with affordable and technically abreast products for its market, good employee management and judicious expenditure of resources. In terms of its financial infrastructure, ATT is a giant amongst its competitors and its workforce is one of the best in the telecommunications sector. ATT has diversified its business and focused on aspects in which it can really excel. It has kept its primary focus on developing GSM wireless networks which occupy the envious position of being 88% of the currently prevalent global networks. It is, therefore, the largest US operator in the global market. Being the best provider of 3G networks, it is gradually focusing on transitioning towards the 4G technology, although its global deployment may take some years. The latest technology in communications known as LTE is already undergoing trials under the aegis of ATT. The company has invested billions in its wireless networks around the world. In 2009, ATT invested $17.3 billion and intended to increase the amount further in subsequent years (Kalata, 2011).