An Analysis of The Secretary Chant by Marge Piercy

The poem is written using stylistic allegoric interpretations of realities in which a clerk is about to spend the comfortable hours of the daytime while she still dreams about the bigger versions of the life settings where everything has been changing in proportion to the development of the life plot. However, still, a woman in this poem is depicted to be suppressed by the standardized normative and regulations of the workplace where they are surrounded by Xerox and other supplies. Still, the words in this poem have the extended meaning that Piercy uses to decorate the adaptation of the poem to the concrete readers.Since 1973, when Piercy wrote this poem, women in different parts of the world have been struggling for equality. however, this literary work demonstrates the adverse side of reality when office secretaries are kind of office machine that does not even truly expect the respect to her human dignity.In the poem, to highlight all these problematic issues and contribute to the comfort of the wellbeing, the poet extends the meaning of the Xerox machine to the metaphorical interpretation, when the meaning of words has been transforming under the certain frameworks where human dignity stands in priority and where an office woman should be praised for their hard work for the interests of many governmental and non-governmental entities.In an analysis of “The Secretary Chant” by Marge Piercy, it should be mentioned that the poem words highlight the essence of the struggle of women for the equality when it turns out that in the world of men, they are simply a Xerox machine that makes copies of herself, like the author, reveals out in her high-flown lexical units. The tone of the poem, however, is not rather pessimistic because the author is focused on the extended horizons where even simple supplies can make a deep sense for a woman. Although she has been locked in the cage of comfortable