Analysis of the Attached Mini from Human Resource Point of View

The most surprising thing is that even the owners of the company are not even aware of anything that is going on within the organization and they do not even know the people who hold strategic positions that ought to give direction to the whole business of the company. This is a major weakness for an organization which is in business and which has quite a big number of employees. When there is no clearly defined structure in the organization, it would be difficult to coordinate the efforts of the employees in one direction. A critical analysis of this position being pursued by this company certainly shows some lack of professionalism given that no single company can thrive on assumptions especially during the contemporary time that is characterized by global competition.From the look of things, it seems Raymond is operating in a local market which is not global where there is no competition. It is evident that the directors of the company who are also co-owners are relaxed and seem not to bother about anything by virtue of the absence of competitors in the same industry of manufacturing sporting equipment and goods. In a globalized market, businesses usually thrive on competition with other rival organizations which would also be competing for the same clients.Therefore, the reluctance of the directors of Raymond bears testimony that there is no immediate threat in the industry in the form of competition hence the absence of serious commitment to their business. It seems the organization is not even aware of the effects of globalization as it considers itself to be comfortable with what is obtaining on the ground now. This is a major weakness where an organization would be blindly operating without any knowledge of the external environment. In the event of another similar, properly managed business emerging in the market, Raymond would face a very tough threat that may even see it being outcompeted due to its lack of proper strategies of human resources management in place.