Animal Rights

There is no denying the fact that the testing of chemicals, drugs, cosmetics, and consumer products on animals and using animals for scientific experimentation is indeed wrong and cruel. No amount of scientific development justifies extending a cruel treatment to speechless and innocent animals and animal testing is something that is utterly inhumane and detestable. The reality is that the issue of animal testing happens to accrue a highly emotive and polarized response from our society because varied sections of the society tend to evince conflicting attitudes towards animal testing. Many people who consider themself to be the upholders of scientific research do support animal testing as they believe that animal testing is something that is essential for the progress and propagation of science in society. Such people also believe that allowing animal testing is something that is in the interest of human progress and there is nothing wrong with animal testing. There are other people who oppose animal testing owing to a variety of reasons, ranging from religious beliefs and aspirations to ethical and moral theories and constraints. Animal testing should be totally banned and prohibited because the use of animals for scientific testing and experimentation causes immense suffering and pain to the animals.It is a fact that the use of animals for testing purposes in psychological, medical, and biological research and study causes untold suffering and pain to the innocent and speechless animals. Many times animals like apes, monkeys, rats, rabbits, and dogs are used for scientific testing because they tend to have the organ systems that happen to be quiet similar to human organ systems (Judson 16). Thereby scientists and research scholars use animals for scientific testing so as to enhance the knowledge as to how varied drugs, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and chemicals will impact the humanbody and the varied biological processes associated with it (Judson 16).