To What Extent Can the Thought of Past and Present Diplomatic Practitioners Help to Inform Contemporary Diplomatic Challenges

No matter in how many ways this term is defined, they are based upon some common assumptions which are-A difference between foreign policy and diplomacy is implied, which are often used in place of each other, as it provides with the outlines whiten which the international work.It is technically considered to be merely a practical art, but the most important aspect is the communication which includes negotiations, intentions, representations etc which are vital to reducing the gap in relations and recognition.Diplomatic practices have been adapting fundamental changes since 1945, and these activities had taken an enormous leap diversifying globally in the latter half of the 20th century. There had been many challenges like the differences in diplomatic thoughts flanked by the East and West, the radical developments of logistics and communication, the globalization and expansion internationally which put to test the nature, elasticity and efficacy of diplomacy. Many events like the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the cold war era focussed away from the attention from the revolutionary developments and thus not much academic attention was given to the latter (Saur 1997). Since 1989, international communication has exceptionally increased and it has been realised that diplomacy is inevitable for the working and existence of states nationally and internationally.Increase in the number of international actors. The number of states has become 3 times or more, the number of UN members have increased to more than 187 total to 17,020 bilateral relationships, and conventional organizations to 6,000 (Melissen 2005 ).

The Architectural Peculiarity of Australia

Thereupon, it is highly important to come up with a set of actions, protocols, and other activities aimed at protecting indigenous interests, first of all. Also, the description of the profession (architecture) is well applied to the code of principles and rules in an attempt to protect the rights and interests of indigenous people.To be precise, architecture is a form of visual thinking implemented through man-made building or structure (Winters 2005, p. 23). In this respect, it is vital to mention that, like any kind of art, the architecture reflects on the main peculiarities of the time influenced by the technical and technological progress of mankind at the moment. Hence, human vision is the first source for architecture. In turn, architecture is up for imaginative people able also to get well with some practical approaches (Hunter 2008, p. 1). However, such a vision should weigh all collective inquiries to keep up with the democratic values shared in the developed Western countries. In this vein, architecture as a profession should include all pros and cons before taking place at a definite site.As in many countries of the world, the period of colonization had its negative outcomes shown in the way of segregation, dehumanization, and humiliation of the indigenous people by the colonizers. However, Australia is well known as “the lost continent of prehistory” and Aborigines reached it more than 40, 000 years ago (Apex 2010, p. 1). The ethnographic, cultural, and anthropologic difference obvious in Aborigines is to be taken as a standpoint for checking this or that architectural concept out (Anderson 2003, p. 7). Hence, during the period of colonization, the interests of Aborigines were never taken into consideration.During the period of assimilation, it is Aborigines who tried to change things for better in keeping with the human ideals of democracy. Thus, the cultural versatility of these indigenouspeople may become almost trite unless tolerating their claims and requests accordingly.

Constant Patient Care

Doctors and nurses are the eyes and ears of the health-care system.Medicine has been referred to as an art based on science. The art of medicine has been based on a strong foundation of practice. It has evolved through centuries based on human values and intuition. Medicine allays the fears and anxieties of the patients and attempts to console them under all circumstances ( According to me the quality of tending to the sick can be called an art, not the profession of medicine. One can have the art of being a nurse or a doctor but medicine by itself is not art. If the nurses or doctors do not have this art, they are considered inferior in their profession. They may have the scientific knowledge of what medicine to administer but they may not have the art of handling or consoling the patient. Medical activity is based on science and scientific methods.Medicine and technology by itself may not be able to work wonders for the patient and how the nurse handles the situation may be more important. Even then, it will be said that nurses has the art of patient care. At the same time, unless the field of medicine has progressed and unless new scientific methods and equipment are available, the nurses will not be merely able to help the patient by having the art of healing. It can also happen that data available through different tests and diagnoses do not match with the clinical investigation of the doctors. In this case, the art of healing or the art of medicine or the intuition of the doctors and nurses becomes important. Thus medicine is both an art and science.Since the nurses and doctors are well versed in the art of medicine or art of tending care, they are the best judges in how the suffering of the patients can be alleviated.

Western Culture Art from the Renaissance to the 20th Century

Although each of these artists represents a different artistic period, they are all Western artists who have used the unique aspects or approaches of their particular genre to produce work investigating the nature of the human condition as it was understood in their time period, creating timeless works that reflect some aspect of each of us.Vincent Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands in 1853 and died in Auvers in 1890 of a self-inflicted bullet wound. Coming from a family who was heavily involved in the art world, Vincent was supported through much of his life by his brother Theo. “A common denominator … in most of the writers and artists Vincent admired: they dealt with the destitute and downtrodden … what moved him was the subject” (Wallace, 1969: 10). During the span of his short career, he produced at least 1700 works, 900 drawings and 800 paintings still survive. Among these are 40 self-portraits. However, he was only able to find a buyer for one painting during his lifetime (Wallace, 1969: 7). He studied art in his homeland for some time, although essentially self-taught, and consistently alienated his benefactors through a steadfast refusal to paint what was popular in favor of illustrating the plight of the peasants. His heavy use of impasto emerged during this early period, but his colors remained the darkened tones of the Dutch painters until 1885, following his father’s death and his move to Paris. His association with other artists in Paris especially opened his eyes to a new use of color. His madness began to come upon him while he was living in Arles, and he was subsequently admitted to St. Remy Hospital where he was allowed to continue painting. “At Saint-Remy he was powerfully drawn to nature under stress: huge whirling clouds, bent, and gesticulating trees, hills and ravines alive and turbulent. Sometimes he combined this agitation with quiet sadness” (Wallace, 1969: 144).

The Theme of Education on Virginia Woolfs Essay A Room of One’s Own

Part 1The theme of education is dominant on Virginia Woolf’s essay ‘A Room of One’s Own.’ The essay portrays education as a preserve of the men, and women’s access to education is limited. The essay, which begins by the author strolling on the grounds of Oxbridge, illustrates that women are not held in equal footing with men, but rather as a weaker sex who would not perform well in education. During the stroll, she is quickly reminded by everyone she meets that she will not fit in as she was barred. This is because the sphere of Oxbridge was separated into halves along the sex lines. Woolf succinctly captures this division when she states that, “He was a Beadle. I was a woman. This was turf. there was a path. Only the fellows and the scholars are allowed here. the gravel is for me” (Woolf, p.7). Basic educational facilities, such as access to the school library, are denied to the women. In the essay, Woolf is denied access to the school library and she vows to never step into the library again (Woolf, p.8).The essay also portrays education as characterized by superiority complex where the male gender is considered superior than the female gender. The author observes that a look into the educational materials will reveal the inevitable fact that men are superior to women. She examines the professor’s teaching and concludes that, “when the professor insisted a little too emphatically upon the inferiority of women, he was concerned not with their inferiority, but with his own superiority” (Woolf, p.34). In this respect therefore, education is a preserve that is meant to exert men’s dominance over the women.Part 2Jeanette Winterson’s novel, ‘Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit’ takes a rather controversial stance on the issues of sexuality. In the novel, the author captures the theme of homosexuality and heterosexuality through the character of Jean. Jean, though a firm believer in Christian teachings, does not prefer men as lovers. Rather, she prefers women to men and proceeds to have an illicit affair with Melanie. When the couple is discovered by Jean’s mother, Jean is heavily rebuked by her mother who refers to such affection as ungodly and the work of Satan and thus they are made to confess before the church, an action to which jean objects. This position is evidenced by the pastor when he states before the church, “These children of God have fallen foul of their lusts. These children are full of demons” (Winterson, p.102). This serves to show the place of homosexuality in religion. Lesbianism in religion is treated as a sin, and any person deemed as engaging in the practice is shunned. Sexuality is symbolized by the orange fruit, which Jean’s mother believes to be the only fruit. However, this view is not shared by Jean who believes that oranges are not the only fruits and thus heterosexuality is just one of the many ways of living life, and which should be held equally with these other ways of living life.Part 3 Virginia Woolf’s essay ‘A Room of One’s Own’ makes a wonderful read for any person that is interested in understanding the history of the social status of women in society. The Author uses a simple, and yet captivating style of putting forward her feministic ideas about the historical, as well as the contemporary, status of women in the society. The book focuses primarily on the theme of education and its effect on the position of women. The book argues that throughout history, women have always played second fiddle to men, who have denied them access to education and expression through art so as to maintain their dominance over them. On education, the author alleges that education has been made expensive by the men so that it has extended beyond the means of most women (Woolf, p.52). She then proceeds to illustrate that this inequality is not limited to education only, but to other spheres of life as well. In light of this therefore, the author gives a very good account of the rights of the women at that particular period by reflecting on the inequalities that existed amongst the two sexes.Works citedWinterson, Jeanette. Oranges Are Not The only Fruits. London: Pandora Press, 1985. Print.Woolf, Virginia. A Room of One’s Own. London: Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovich, 1929. Print.

Analysis of Administrative Law Cases

First of all, I have taken note of the point that after receiving a complaint from a member of the public, I don’t know if there was any intimation done from the Institute to you, but nevertheless, upon your application for renewal of your license, they refused on the ground of a complaint they received from a member of the public. I am assuming that you were given sufficient notice and if not, you ought to have been given so that you prepare against the allegations. But the main point which you need to take in mind is that you are entitled to prior notice before the hearing is done and before you appear for the same. ( the same time Paul, you need to understand that the adequate notice you are entitled to under the principles of natural justice ought to be accompanied by an explanation of the allegations which were leveled against you in the complaint, and at the same time notice about the procedure for the determination of the alleged misconduct should have been communicated to you to constitute sufficient notice.“According to Fortescue J, the first hearing was given in the Garden of Eden”. (J.J.Upadhaya, Administrative Law, Central Law Urgency, 4th edition.2001, pg151). His Lordship observed in King vs.Chancellor, University of Cambridge. “Even God himself did not pass sentence upon Adam before he was called upon to make his defense” “Adam,” says God “where art you? Has though not eaten of the fruits of the trees whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldn’t eat?”(ibid).In the above, the lord is trying to state that before any condemnation is made or a decision, which is going to adversely affect the alleged, a hearing must be given.After having been given a notice, if at all it was given to you Paul, the Institute’s disciplinary committee ought to have given you a hearing. As I mentioned above, you have the right to that hearing otherwise, this must have been unfair hearing simply because you were not given that right.

How Managerial Changes Influence Organization Behavior Issues Teamwork

One of the main obstacles to the smooth implementation of the change management process is the lack of awareness of the context of change by the workmen and unions. While the top management team is aware of the context in which these changes are being talked about, the workmen and unions are not well informed in this respect. A change seeking management has to overcome the stresses to which the system and the people have to undergo. Leadership is, therefore, required to create the necessary confidence to overcome the stresses and challenges in the change process. A successful leadership has to keep open the channels of communications within the organization and with the outside world. Leaders must recognize the authority and power system changes in the attitudes, behaviors, and interpersonal relationships of people (Tennenbam, 1999, p.177). As such organization problems can be overcome by four factors, namely, structural, technical, task, and people. However, the capacity of individuals and groups in some organizations is underestimated. This is due to a variety of causes emerging from the organization structure, procedures, and the traditions of a group of people working within the organization.Human Resource Management is, perhaps, the oldest and most widely researched subject in management. Yet, as technologies change, cultural diversities occur and people’s expectations undergo fundamental shifts towards newer and newer dimensions. For instance, professionals are gaining more say in the running of organizations. Even where governance is by people who own the majority stakes, their own positions and the respect they command are contingent upon their competence rather than ownership.“ Management is the art of getting things done through other people. Management is the dynamic, life-giving element in every business. Without it, the resources of production remain resources and never become production.”

Analysis Of Adrienne Richs Poem Living In Sin

During this era, there is this specific poem called “Living in Sin” that was drafted in the 1950s and won the hearts of many. Her remarkable job acts as a good example of how the reality about relationships and ties can never have all the necessary qualities. In brief, we may say it can never be perfect. This leaves you with the task of asking for something worth it. In this particular poem, there is a woman who dreams and longing for a seamless relationship through dreaming and having hopes that her relationship will never be faced with any difficulties or any form of hardship. But everything went against her expectations, and the fact manifested itself. The use of convincing language is manifested the moment Adrienne Rich decides to involve a strong choice of style and complex devices to depict grief and sorrow felt by the woman.Rich ensues the poem is a unique manner with the theses (the first two lines in the introduction) instantly exhibits to the audience at that moment, she is at the point of bitterness and anguish as a result of her relationship. The introductory lines begin with this quote, “She had thought the studio would keep itself. no dust upon the furniture of love.” Through this quote, it is crystal clear that the woman dreams of a perfect relationship at the start. however, as time went by, afflictions and complications began to transpire, leading her to lack concern and passion with her meaningful other. The writer demonstrates a brave and perfect choice by applying the phrase “dust” as a substitute for afflictions. The moment afflictions and complications occur in the relationship of pairs, that bond starts to fade, and the woman loses interest in the relationship. We can describe the phrase “furniture” as the life of couples or relationships that give meaning and sense to the two introductory lines of the poem. With powerful language, Rich comes up with a strong point in her poem to demonstrate what the woman is likely to be facing.The writer uses a powerful expression to describe what the woman feels in the poem. The following phrases, coldly and implacable, are in the poem. She uses the two complex phrases to describe the perception and emotions of the woman that is being experienced in her relationship at that moment. The writer also makes some important quotes that can be categorized as a metaphor to come up with a mutual link to the relationship of the couples. Whereas the phrase, “declared out of tune” might be termed as the ups and downs that couples face at that particular moment. Similarly, another quote that the writer uses in the poem that the lights at dawn so coldly would describe the previous night’s cheese fragments and at least three dismal bottles to signify the character of the woman who seems to be depressed towards her relationship compelling her to take all the three bottles at once.It is crystal clear that in the Analysis of Adrienne Rich’s Poem “Living in Sin,” the author uses it to act as a pillar and good example of how a relationship can never be perfect. Of late, several relations do not last because when hardship arises, most people despair and decide to walk away. The reality is, in every relationship, the downfall is as a result of a wrong choice and difficult moments that transpire, making most couples to break up. In this poetry, the woman aspired to get into a life of promises and hopes with her spouse. But, unlike her expectations, she came to learn later that you need to work extra hard to have a perfect relationship. Rich came up with a drafted piece of art by bringing together quality, and good language, a proper choice of delivery, and emotions uses rhetoric phrases to completely show the and insights of the woman in the poem

Regulatory bodies are best placed to secure environmental protection Discuss

The compliance assurance features of better regulation include initiating time limits for regulatory decision making, minimising the onus of paperwork by substituting to self-reporting and enhanced overseeing of compliance monitoring activities so that business assigns minimum resources and time to inspection by government authorities. The UK government so as to overhaul its industrial pollution control system has introduced a new Integrated Pollution Control system (IPC) as early as 1990 through the Environmental Protection Act. The Environmental Act 1995 established the Environmental Agency. (Bohne: 435). Further, the UK government had combined the additional policy objective with its regulatory reform with an aim to regain more influence on European Environmental Regulations. In UK, the Hampton Principles was adopted which outline a regulatory system perused in tune with the requirements of the 21st century where risk assessment will be the foundation for all environmental programmes. Further, the UK government has made public a regulatory code of practice to compel both the local and national regulators to adhere the Hampton Principles. In April 2008, the Regulators’ Compliance Code came into force. Further, UK has also adopted a common framework for evaluating administrative burdens namely the Standard Cost Model. Moreover, the Impact Assessment Guidance issued by the UK Better Regulations Executive needs an evaluation of the “aggregate annual cost of enforcement of the regulatory proposal. Further, UK government is contemplating to introduce a system of regulatory budgets to minimise the aggregate costs of its new regulations’ adherence cost on the economy. (OECD2009:45). 2. What are the main characteristics of the British system of regulation? What processes are involved? What are its strengths and weaknesses? The UK government so as to overhaul its industrial pollution control system has introduced a new Integrated Pollution Control system (IPC) as early as 1990 through the Environmental Protection Act. UK can be said to be the leader of an integrated pollution control system not only in the Europe but in the whole world. Section 7 (4) (7) was successfully exported to Europe from UK. As per Emmot and Haigh (1996:305), the IPC concept of “Best Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Cost” (BATNEEC) which was employed to evaluate the emission limit values which reappeared in the BAT specification of the IPPC directive. As per farthing et al (2003:75), the holistic IPC doctrine of “Best Practicable Environment Option” (BPEO), though not overtly emphasised in the IPPC directive, is mirrored in the regulations of the IPPC directive to accomplish a greater level of safeguard for environment as a whole, and not to shift the pollution from one medium to another i.e. air, water and land through the Art. 9(1) and (3) of the IPPC directive. (Bohne2006:435). UK assumed the leadership role in EU industrial pollution control legislation by exporting the IPC system to Europe. As per Bell and McGillivray (2006:770), UK kept the administrative and legislative upheaval for the transposition of the IPPC directive to a bare minimum. (Bohne 2006:435). EIA – Environment Impact Assessment It is a technique to make us to understand the probable environmental impacts of major projects both the existing and in the development stages also. The regulations and

Educational Gap Reason

My parents always wanted to provide me with the best education and never set limitations on my desires. They wanted me to complete my higher studies from a good institution. I, as a child always wanted to study business, that too from a renowned institute in the United State of America. However, for an Indian middle-class family like mine, it is really difficult to overcome the financial barrier and then bear the burden of it. My family’s monthly income is roughly $2000 and my parents brought up the idea of loans exclusively to pay for my fees and fulfill my desire of receiving foreign education. however, my father always considered my comfort first and was worried that it would be difficult for me to settle in the US on a tight budget. I too understood this and did not want to pressurize my family to pay for my fees because I could not stand the idea of studying in the US by exerting any financial pressure on my family. However, studying business was not a mere wanting but was, and is a passion. I could not give up my dream of studying business in the US so I came up with an idea that not only helped me earn money but also gave me hands-on experience in setting up and controlling my own business. I learned and set up my very own online marketing business. It took me about one and a half years to master the art of tackling an online business. I worked really hard during that time to explore and understand every minute detail of the business. Eventually, my business flourished and at present fetches me the much-needed amount of $3000 on a monthly basis. I have built up an email database of over 20,000 subscribers who are mostly people interested in such a business. I send emails to my subscribers and promote products. For the past one and a half years, I have been introducing this business to others like me. I not only help them learn it but also assist in controlling it. However, the rules in my country are strict and it has not been easy to obtain an official license for it, but have enough evidence to prove the existence of my business at which I have been working for the past three years and which has provided me the means and the courage to finally apply to my dream institution. Personal Statement As a child when I was asked what I wanted to do in life, “business” was the only word that ever came to my mind and remains the only word that I can relate myself with. Somewhere deep down I knew that I had that extra something to make it big in the business world. The intriguing, mysterious and the complex nature of the subject completely mesmerized me and there is no other subject that could have drawn me so much into it. It was during my school days that I wondered about my higher education and I knew right away where I wanted to be. In my country, studying in the Land of Opportunity is an honor and it has always been my dream to do so.