Aspects of Immigration

The main idea, which is highlighted in this essay, is the positive and negative aspects of globalization over immigration. Along with this, the refutation statements are also offered against the topic. In addition, the essay also concludes with the individual perspectives of Douglas MurrayThe term globalization seems to be a buzz word, but in the actual scenario, it opened the barriers for the young individual to enter in different countries. As a result of which, it presented varied types of job opportunities for undocumented students that enhanced their economic status and living style. Not only this due to the presentation of such types of job opportunities the rate of gross economic product (GDP) and gross national product (GNP) of the nation may also be enhanced as compared to others. Moreover, due to such job opportunities, the rate of poverty and crimes of the nation might also be reduced to a significant extent thereby amplifying its prosperity in the entire globe.Apart from this, due to globalization, a wide range of individuals are migrated to varied states such as the United States, Europe, Germany, and many others. As a result of which, undocumented individuals attained the opportunity to achieve higher education’s thereby enhancing the opportunities of jobs. Due to the attainment of higher education, these undocumented students or individuals attained the scope to earn quite higher wages as compared to the authorized or documented candidates. As a result of which, the inner morale and motivation of the undocumented candidates might also get enhanced thereby amplifying their level of performance and efficiency. Furthermore, immigration alsohelped the students to attain scholarships as a source of financial aids that might help in the fulfilment of the inner dreams of numerous undocumented parents.