Assessment Leadership Portfolio

108).In case of the organizational problems like a lack of follow-through by the employees who are enthusiastic but not appropriately skilled, it is much better to resort to a transformational approach towards leadership that involves bringing up the desired changes in the concerned employees approach by building relationships with them and by extending the required help and support (Bass, 1998, p. 11). I found out that my leadership approach in such cases tilted more towards an authoritarian manner. However, in a pragmatic and theoretical context, the right way is to assign the motivated but inaptly skilled employees, the well-defined job profiles, backed by systematic and continual monitoring.I also realized that even when the team members are allocated responsibilities, backed by the commensurate enunciation of the accompanying responsibilities and the expected level of job performance, still there may be some situations when employees may get demoralized and de-motivated owing to temporary setbacks. This insight was indeed a revelation. I do feel that under such circumstances, it may get imperative for a team leader to come out as supportive and helpful and allow ample empowerment to the team members by extending to them a say in the decision-making process (Castellan, 1993, p. 250). Such an approach affords the team members a better insight into what needs to be done and makes them feel empowered and responsible.It is my personal opinion that that many a time, a leader may come across a team member who is suitably experienced and skilled to take the onus for a specific project. However, such a person may be held back by self-doubts and personal fears. In such scenarios, I believe that it is more appropriate to engage in a one to one conversation with such team members and to positively redress their fears and doubts. I found myself a little mistaken in handling such situations as many a time I resorted to communicating with such followers in a group environment, which left them more doubtful and intimated.