Barriers to Learning

Also, the author will provide several solutions to each identified barrier to learning.Organizational learning can be acquired through constant reading, listening, or even thinking. It is necessary for the growth and sustainability of an organization. The rapidly changing global market environment creates a tight competition among the local and international businesses. In order to cope with the business challenge that has resulted from globalization, organizational learning is recommended to help the organization in keeping up with the constant changes in the world of business. In line with the economic changes, new theories and learning techniques emerge almost every day. (Gephart et al., 1996)Learning is not always effective because it is possible that a member of an organization would choose not to share his knowledge within the organizational team or subordinates. Sometimes, adequate training and other learning-related support are provided to the team but despite the high investment costs on training and time invested in teachings, many still fail to learn and be successful in converting the knowledge into actions needed in accomplishing the goals set by the organization. For learning to be effective, the organizational process of learning should be carefully analyzed, developed, monitored, and aligned with the innovative goals of an organization. (Cummings and Worley, 1993)There are a lot of internal and external factors that could directly affect the learning capacity and efficiency of each individual and the organization as a group. As part of the study, the author aims to elaborately discuss the different theories behind the barriers to learning.Several issues in relation to the Knowing-Doing Gap, Argyris Action Science, Senge’s Dance of Change, and Psychological Limitations to Strategic Thinking will be carefully analyzed to give us a better understanding of why certain learning processes are more successful and beneficial to a group than the others. In line with the topic, the author will provide several solutions to each barrier to learning.