Battlefield 2

Analysis/Advertisement on Battlefield 2 Battlefield 2 is one of the newest installments in the Battlefield series of First Person Shooter games. Like its predecessors, this game features all of the high quality intensity of Battlefield 1942, but delivers on the modern age technology tools. EA Games has also added several enhancements to the playing experience. With a high powered older brother to live up to in Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 offers much of the same flexibility that made Battlefield 1942 such a success while delivering on the modern age it purports to represent in equipment, image quality and more realistic responses. One of the cool features involved in Battlefield 2 is the more realistic responses of the game. For instance, if you were to fire a rocket grenade launcher at a concrete wall, the new game engine and physics system would automatically compute whether this type of weapon would have the power necessary to penetrate the wall based on its composition. This adds a new dimension of difficulty to the game since its now necessary for you to know whether what you’re hiding behind will protect you or if the tank that’s pointing in your direction will probably kill you as you huddle behind a sand bunker. If you can survive long enough, your screen persona will grow through the ranks and can eventually become general, which is pretty cool and which unlocks new weapons and vehicles as you grow. However, the game follows the example of Battlefield 1942 in that it allows you to drive any vehicle available (there are at least 30 different types of military vehicle that can be selected and controlled by any player), so it isn’t completely like a real-life battlefield. Another cool feature of this game, though, is that you can decide whether you want to join a squad on the front lines or if you want to come in behind the scenes and work on the strategic deployment of the troops. Soldier classes include Assault, Sniper, Special Ops, Combat Engineer, Medic, Heavy Weapons and Anti-Tank units. All the latest in modern weaponry is available for your use and you can choose to play for the United States, the Chinese or the Middle East Coalition. You can play with more than 64 players online at once and the battlefield adjusts to accommodate the number of players and vehicles involved, giving you plenty of room to move around. Battlefields range from barely populated dense forests all the way through to city streets, each one as destructible as the real thing. Another really cool feature of the game is that it allows you to place yourself right in the middle of the action for some of the more current war zones in the world. Soldier kits will affect the vehicles around you, so that a medic kit can transform any vehicle into a mobile aid station and a support kit can make helicopters into flying ammo dumps. Finally, new modules are available for download all the time, allowing you to upgrade your playing environment to add new battlefields, new weapons and new scenarios to your experience. All in all, this is one of the coolest and most fun FPS games available thanks to the flexibility of your movements inside the game environment and the realistic effects delivered. Works CitedAll Out War on the Modern Battlefield. BF2.Org. October 9, 2006 This is a pick-up-and-play action extravaganza, a comic book version of WWII. Battlefield 1942. October 9, 2006