Bill Clinton An Analysis

Lowry is right, as we look back at the Clinton legacy it becomes apparent that much of what is going on in the world right now, began in 2001, just months after President Bush assumed his office, and are the result of unresolved issues that arose during the Clinton Administration. Clinton’s presidency committed some of the most egregious domestic affronts in American history, and his administration single-handedly brought America to its knees on the international political front. His economic NAFTA agreement was replete with self-interest, and opened the doors for American companies to leave the country and leave American workers without jobs. Bill Clinton left office with a legacy in shambles.There are three very big and serious issues on the domestic front that rank the Clinton Administration as a presidency that had a gross disregard for the American Constitution. Not only did Bill Clinton lie under oath to a Grand Jury investigating Paula Jones’s allegations of sexual misconduct while Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, but he tarnished the notion of taking an oath and swearing to tell the truth on the Bible. Swearing the oath before the court has probably if nothing else represented a struggle of conscience for people who followed it with a lie. When the president of the United States was found to have taken the oath, and lied, it called into question his integrity as it would pertain to the oath he took when he assumed the office of president. Oaths, it would seem, meant nothing to William Jefferson Clinton. Later, when the scandal about his affair with a White House intern was about to break, the Clinton spin machine went into action and was poised to paint Monica Lewinsky, the young woman with whom Clinton engaged in sexual acts within the Oval Office, as a deranged and disturbed woman – and then came the news of the “spotted” dress on which was evidence that Ms. Lewinsky was not deranged. People called for Clinton’s impeachment.