Business math

Find thestandard deviationof the CEO salaries, in thousands of dollars, rounded to 2 decimal places. Do not use a dollar sign. Note: $177,760 should be recorded as 177.76.

Black Hill Inc Sells $100 Million Worth Of 25year To Maturity 6 93% Annual Coupon Bonds The Net Proceeds


Black Hill Inc. sells $100 million worth of 25-year to maturity 6.93% annual coupon bonds. The net proceeds

(proceeds after flotation costs) are $975 for each $1,000 bond. What is the before-tax cost of capital for this debt financing?

Round the answer to two decimal places in percentage form. (Write the percentage sign in the units box)

You should use Excel or financial calculator.


Calculate The Weighted Average Cost Of Capital (Wacc)

for McCormick and Company using the formula



Calculate the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) for McCormick and Company using the formula


WDRD(1-T) + WS rS and WD = Value of debt / Value of debt plus value of equity; WS = Value of Stock Equity / Value of Debt Plus Value of Equity. For ease, the CFO says to use book value of Debt and the market Value of Equity. On February 26, 2019 the market Value of Equity (or Market Cap) in Yahoo was $17.5 billion. Use the 2018 10-K Financial Statements filed January 25, 2019 and look on the Balance sheet to see the total of Short term borrowings, Current portion of long term debt and Long term debt. Use 4% for the cost of debt. Use 27.5% as the tax rate – a combination of federal and state income tax.


Which Of The Following Are Consistent With An Institutional School Theory Of Technology? Select All That


Which of the following are consistent with an Institutional School theory of technology? Select all that


Select one or more:

a. Technology development is associated with positivist and rational systems

b. Technology involves the social construction of meaning, interaction, and historical progress

c. Technology involves both social and technological optimization

d. Technology involves interpretive flexibility


Using definitions, principles, and theories, in which you establish a thesisUsing definitions, principles, and theories, in which you establish a thesis regarding the control
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The Life CyclePlease respond to the following:

quot;The Life Cyclequot; Please respond to the following: Speculate to the specific stage in the life cycle of a business that the average
entrepreneur would likely not fully be prepared to…Finance

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