Can Society Function without Respect

For example, respect is important when a person is undervalued at work or in personal life. We should reveal compassion for others giving praise to their side and treat them like we want ourselves to be treated. By giving no respect for the other human, we make them unworthy of the community. So, being kind, compassionate, and caring for others is important in a civilized society.On a daily basis, every person gives value for the adequate socialization within the community, so respect is an important gift, the feature that lets our opinion not an unworthy subject in the eyes of others. Taking this side, we should treat every person with respect to his or her dignity, giving value to their unique opinion. The normal life of the community is impossible without this feature, so we should put forward the rationalized decisions to reveal the worthiness to this feature when treating others.There are many examples of respect in terms of the areas in which it is about to function. Environmentalists praise nature, giving value to the ban on cutting the rainforests. Pro-life savers of children give respect to life claiming to ban abortion. The defenders of the wild and domestic animals give respect to them by means of making protests against hunting and killing animals for food, promoting the positions of humanism and veganism.The representatives and supporters of the LGBT community call to compassion giving respect to the rights of gays, lesbians, transgenders, and bisexuals in different societies. Irrespectively of the area of its functioning in the social frameworks, respect is important to boost up the spiritual needs of the community.Therefore, society cannot function without respect because it determines the lifestyle contributing to the development of values of assertiveness and self-awareness of people and communities. It helps to make people a more cohesive community establishing the positions of the priority of human rights, dignity, and the supreme power of kindness, compassion, and humanism. It is the core element in modern social settings.