Can terror ever be legitimately employed in conflict

The Theory of orthodox terrorism is designed to make the state perceive terrorism as illegitimate, illegal and a violent challenge to the state. This perception is only applied to internal terrorism within a state or to external terrorism. The orthodox theory also allows the state to use terror acts, as a response to any perceived internal threats. The orthodox discourse is protected under the social contract and enforced by the Regime terror theory or the state rule by fear and violence. The Orthodox terrorism theory perceives the use violence as synonymous with the state and is necessary for the state to exist. The idea of terrorism and violence is rooted in the state. Thus, the only way to deal with violence and come up with a solution is to re-evaluate the role of the state and provide an alternative international system and a form of political governance.The orthodox discourse suggests the state plays a crucial role in generating of terrorism because of the responses it adopts most times. Terrorism is perceived as a natural condition of any state. The state generates terrorism as a response to the threats of terrorism. The terrorism by the state is used to maintain political power and order. Terrorism is a state oriented tool, which focuses on the implications of political violence by evaluating the state powers and the challenges of terrorism from within the state and other countries. The acts of terror by states can be seen as the prime response to the threats of terrorism in the post September 9, 2001 attacks on U.S.The orthodox theory describes the terrorists as violent political opponents of the state having illegitimate design on states power. This makes it possible for the state to pursue the agenda to eliminate state opposition regardless of whether the conflict is caused by terrorism or not.