Can the Security Dilemma in International Politics be Overcome

When the peaceful atmosphere prevailing between the countries gets aggravated, the countries themselves will try to solve the conflict. However, in other cases, the countries will approach International Organizations (IOs) to help them in finding a solution, and in certain ‘extreme’ cases, the IOs themselves will intervene to solve the conflict. Although, intervention or even forceful intervention of IOs to safeguard security in a tension filled environment could be a welcome step, when viewed from another perspective, it could be viewed as the infringement of country’s sovereignty. Thus, when IOs try to impose their authority over sovereign nations in the matters of security, it could lead to security dilemmas in international politics. At the same time, these dilemmas can be managed or overcome, when the countries themselves welcome the role of IOs in solving conflicts, as it provides them with certain advantagesAlthough, international cooperation between countries or territories have been happening from earlier centuries leading to the formation of International groupings or International Organizations (IOs), League of Nation is considered to be one of the first IOs. After the First World War, various countries and other humanitarian groups wanted a strong overseeing IO, which can pre-empt large scale global wars and ensure security, thereby leading to the establishment of League of Nations in 1919. However, as the League of Nations failed to prevent the occurrence of the Second World War, it disintegrated. Only United Nations, which came into existence after the Second World War in 1945, is continuing to function as a strong IO, and has even ‘spawned’ many other IOs, which are not only focusing on security aspects, but also social, economic, health and other aspects.