Challenges That Developing Countries Face In Trade in a Globalized World

China government auditing agency claimed that the toys distributed indicated some warning signs on the toys like, “small parts that could be swallowed or sharp edges that could cut a child”, however, according to New York Times, most of these toys exported from china, don’t include their brand name and are sold at fair prices (Barboza, 2007). This remains a major concern among parents regarding the safety of their children.The matter of safety is very important to everyone. Though China produces among the best toys in the world in a relevant fair price, the safety issue should not be compromised. In case of any incidents or accidents, the ones who are affected the most are parents. Chocking is common in children whatever the cause, therefore, it is important for such companies to be held liable for their mistakes until they meet the required safety standards. According to the New York time, it seemed like most of the workers in the toy producing company had no idea that the paint used to spray the toys included the lead in them (Barboza, 2007).Toys are play items intended not only for enjoyment but also for creativity and intellectual development of children. However, if the toys prove to be a danger than a friend, this may create confusion for children. The toy companies may also experience huge losses than profits if the toys are recalled frequently. When the toys are returned to their manufactures, for instance, the china companies, it only means that all the labour that had been put to place is in vain. The capital that was also involved in the manufacturing could yield no returns at all. Therefore, companies involved have to re-manufacture such toys with the right materials in place, thus leading to excess un-accounted for expenses. In the case of Thomas and friends’ toy company, failure to meet the safety standards could risk losing its market abroad and also huge profits. In most cases, the worst that could happen to such companies are having their licenses revoked as an act of discipline.