Chessington World of Adventure

As a first task, the report will evaluate the strategic objectives of operations management within Chessington and how it is achieved with the aid of various departments. Then as a second task, the report will discuss how an appropriate system can be designed to ensure quality in services. In the final task, the paper will discuss how the performance of the organization, Chessington World of Adventure can be improved with optimal recommendations.Any organized human activity, which is done in-group, will be most times constituted into an organization. So, Organizations are structures with a ‘collage’ of workers doing their allocated work under the supervision of a leader and management team, for the benefit of the organization as well as them. As part of Task 1, I have selected one such organization to evaluate the strategic objects of operations management, within that organization. I have selected the Chessington World of Adventure because managing it is interesting as well as a challenging job. That is, as it caters to the needs of people of all ages, the Chessington management has to diversify and optimize its operations management to maintain them as a customer base. So, analyzing Chessington’s interesting and challenging operations management will put my thought process in a higher plane, thereby enriching my knowledge. After the recruitment and apportionment are over, it is the duty of the organization particularly leader and the different managers to implement an optimal operations management system and thereby provide the employees a perfect working environment, in which they will work effectively. Optimal operations management in the sense, the leader and the different managers should play their part in formulating feasible targets, arranging the needed resources, allocating the workload perfectly, motivating the workers while they were working, solving the problems that may arise and finally rewarding the workers when they achieve the intended targets.