Circuit Analysis

Another method that can be deployed is by a combination of impedances.The impedances should be connected in a series format. Using Norton’s theorem, the transformation of the voltage generator to the current generator is possible. The main purpose of the experiment was to make users be familiar with the features of the oscilloscope that are advanced. The advanced oscilloscope is quite useful for measuring many different electrical quantities and components. There are measurements that are supposed to be measured and they include. the fall of the current electrical current, the rise of electrical current-voltage in RL circuits, voltage of RC circuits, respectively. The calculation of these values theoretically is also very important as they will be compared with the values that are measured.The oscilloscope has many different applications. The oscilloscope is used in the measurement of time and voltage. The horizontal and vertical scales are normally calibrated and they are calibrated in position (Schindler 88). This kind of measurement requires a practical approach and an interpretation that is advanced in nature. This information is usually presented on the oscilloscope’s screen. When this information is presented on the screen, scales will be quite necessary as they will be used for calibration.For any electrical quantity, the rise time is defined as the time that is required for a signal to rise or go up from its value of 10% to a value of 90%. On the converse, the fall time is when the time that is required for the value to fall from 90% value to 10%bof the value. Fall and rise time are very important as they are used in the measurement of for instantaneous step change when voltage is applied in a circuit. What people normally associate this with is with the opening of the switch or its closing. This procedure is quite difficult to measure in an oscilloscope because there is no storage scope at all. With these tests, a repetitive event I usually employed in the procedure. For further exploration of the circuit, a square wave is used to determine instantaneous voltage change is determined.