CO2 Emissions Into the Atmosphere

Carbon Dioxide is a molecular compound containing two atoms of oxygen and one carbon atom. When carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere it can cause many problems to the atmosphere and life on the ground. In today’s world, there are climate changes brought on by the release of carbon emissions. The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is beginning to mass together, creating problems that need to be taken care of at this moment.There are many ways for carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere. Volcanic activity releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and ruptured land can allow sealed gasses to escape, but one major cause of Carbon dioxide emission is humanity. With a growing human population, the room is needed for living space. Loggers cut down trees in a process called “deforestation” to make room for housing. Trees are great for countering CO2 emissions. They convert CO2 into oxygen atoms. The burning of fuels, the use of electricity and many other factors contribute to the release of CO2. In the United Kingdom, homes produce 6 tonnes of CO2 gasses each year. “According to the Energy Saving Trust, It would take a forest three and a half times the size of London to absorb the Co2 our homes give off in a year.”(Socha, 2007).Naturally occurring greenhouse gases maintain the earth’s surface at a temperature of 33°C warmer than it would be in their absence. At present greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are increasing as a result of human activities.One of the biggest issues that come to mind when CO2 emissions are brought into a discussion is global warming. Global warming manifests when the sunlight enters the Earth’s atmosphere. CO2 restricts most infrared light from returning into space and traps it within Earth’s atmosphere. It prevents the Earth from cooling and accumulates heat over time. The rise in temperature melts the polar ice caps, rising water levels.