Rate of adoptionquinoa cultivation in Hermiston Oregon

The crop has emerged as one of the most nutritious grains. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) declare 2013 as a year to mark the crop. nations has even designated quinoa as “Super crop.”This research focuses on the introduction of Quinoa and prediction its rate of adoption in Hermiston, Oregon areaThere is very little knowledge among residents of the area regarding the benefits they can reap from growing the crop. Quinoa is a relatively new crop in the United States because it has been primarily grown in South America. Quinoa is a grain crop and staple food. It has attracted interest of the world due to easy growth factors and highly nutritious element. It offers best protein composition including lysine, histidine, cystine and methionine. Cereal starch has bigger size granules as compared to quinoa starch granule. It is more viscous. The plant is best suitable for industrial use. The plant is comprised of saponins, which is a bitter compound and these can easily be removed by abrasion and washing before using it. A study showed that plant could grow well in less fertile soil (Galway, 1992). Chenopodium Quinoa has one crucial component of interest, that is, the lysine content, which is not a common nutrient in other plant species. The growth of this annual herb produces panicle, which contains some small seeds called achenes (Jacobsen, 1997). The seeds produced are round, small and flat with pigmentation ranging from red to white. The color of the seeds varies from one ecosystem to another because of the climatic disparities in the regions where it is grown. It has an extensive root system predominantly subjugated by taproots that support the branchy stem. The plant grows to heights of between sixty to one hundred and twenty five centimeters. The food crop is found in areas with harsh environmental conditions, such as high mountain plains, relatively moderate fertile valley areas, coastal forests, and alkaline areas (Burton Bo, 2005). In this case the desired location is Umatilla County, which is one of the agriculturally rich areas in the State. The predominant environment in the Hermiston area changes rapidly. hence the need to grow resistant crops that are not dependent on stable environmental conditions (Van de Fliert Ann, 2002). Moreover since the IPCC (1990) was published, extensive efforts have been brought in to help our agriculture adapt to the climate change because the latter has deep biophysical impacts on crop yield, soil and water resources (Antle, 2009) and for this reason quinoa is the perfect crop to be cultivated not only for its varied uses and exceptional nutritive value but also because it is a highly adaptable crop (.(Del Castillo et al., 2007) Farmers in the location are used to growing organic plants, which is an advantage as very little is known on the Quinoa crop. The plant does not require a large area for first attempts growth. This has influenced my decision to introduce Quinoa in Hermiston area and measure its rate of adoption within the framework of the famous theory of Diffusion introduced by eminent sociologist E, Rogers. The theory aims to the processes through which an innovation is spread through and adopted by a particular community. The theory of Innovation states that the rate of adoption is guided by several variables. These variables include perceived attributes of innovation, means of communication or communication channels, type of innovation-decision, nature of social system and extent of promotional efforts. The rate of adoption directly depends on each of these variables (Rogers, 2003). Rate of adoption is also dependent on another factor known as compatibility. According to Rogers (2003), compatibility is the measure of the degree up to which a particular innovation is consistent with the values, past experiences and potential.

Merger Acquisition and International Strategies

The report will try to highlight future business strategies available for both companies.Dupont is a renowned American chemical company. The company is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. It was founded by Eleuthère Irénée du Pont in the year 1802. They are one of the top 500 Fortune corporations. Dupont is the largest chemical corporation in the country. The company was the first commercial gun powder producer in the country. The total market value of the company has doubled in the last few years. The company has achieved a profit margin of 241% in the year of 1998 (Leemann, 2002).Hickory Tech is a small public corporation in the USA. The company is headquartered in Mankato, Minnesota, USA. The company was founded in 1898. The company offers integrated telecommunication solutions to customers. The company specializes in a multi-level fiber network. The telecommunication company also offers customer management systems and carrier access billing solutions for different domestic companies. The company has a subsidiary known as Enventis. The subsidiary offers network communication solutions, integrated voice, and data processing for corporate customers. Hickory Tech is a gold-certified partner of Cisco. The company is trying to expand business in the field of high-capacity transport services (Hickory Tech, n.d).Dupont is trying to diversify the business. Recently the company has acquired Danish enzyme manufacturing company Danisco for $5.8 Billion. The value of the share has increased for Danisco from $91 to $115 after the acquisition. Dupont wants to enter into enzyme market for two reasons. 1- The enzyme market is attractive in terms of future growth. Enzymes can be used to manufacture different chemical products like animal food, detergents, organic food, and many more. 2- Enzymes can increase the volume of chemical yields. The usage of enzymes will reduce the input cost.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Advantages and Disadvantages

A dual-focused learning method in which an extra language is applied in teaching and learning both language and content is referred to as CLIL. In other words, CLIL is known as an educational method that has a dual objective that includes subject matter learning and learning the language which is used as a medium of instruction in relation to the content. CLIL has been viewed as an umbrella term for the approaches wherein certain kind of support in the academic language is provided to the students so as to facilitate content learning through the particular language (Nowak, 2011). Both the content and language are developed steadily and simultaneously. CLIL is considered as the innovative synthesis of both language education and subject education (Nowak, 2011). In Europe, CLIL is an approach of education wherein varied languages and supportive methods are used which results in a dual-focused system of instruction. Notably, CLIL places due consideration to both language and content. Achieving the goal of CLIL requires developing a new approach to teaching in which the non-language subject is taught with the help of a foreign language. There is one more approach of learning which is known as Content-Based Language Learning (CBLL) but it is quite different from CLIL as there is a difference in premeditated pedagogical assimilation of contextualized content, learning, and teaching practice along with communication and cognition. It has been viewed that CLIL is a vital tool that has a significant influence on the language learning. Precisely, CLIL is an approach that supports diversity in language because it facilitates in achieving the plurilingualism and interdisciplinarity and it incapacitates the limitations of the curriculum in traditional school and focuses towards the integration of this curriculum (Coyle, 2005. Gaballo, n.d.Pavesi et. al., n.d.).

How the Concept of Leadership Can Help the Management of an Organization

In general, teachers in school, coach in the playground, mentor in the office are called or considered as leaders within their particular field of operation. The term leadership simply means the method of influencing a group of people guiding them towards the accomplishment of a common objective. Our present topic of discussion is the effect of leadership within a workplace and its application within the management of an organization. Generally, the organizations get highly benefitted by the implementation of proper leadership approaches as it results in improved quality of goods services produced by the organization (Maslanka, 2004). What is leadership? Leadership refers to the way by which an individual organizes a group of people so as to achieve a common goal. Leadership is a process of social influence in which an individual attempt to gain the support and help of a group of people to accomplish a common goal (Northouse, 2010, p.4). “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked. leadership is defined by results not attributes”-Peter Drucker (RAUP, 2012). “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”- John C. Maxwell (Akbarzadeh, 2011, p. 123). “Management is doing things right. leadership is doing right things”- Peter Drucker (Singh, 2002, p.328). “Leadership is a process whereby individual influences a group of individual to achieve a common goal”- Northouse (sage pub, n.d). A leader must have an honorable character and always be lenient in offering selfless service. A leader must be reliable and must be able to offer trust and confidence to his or her followers. A leader must be able to communicate with his or her followers clearly and efficiently. Proper supervision is essential. A leader must be modest, helpful and co-operative as because he or she has to lead a team of followers. Dictatorship is an important characteristic of a leader, but it needs to be fair and just. Overconfidence and ruling attitude has a negative impact. A leader must be capable of handling responsibilities and take strategic decisions as per requirement (Maxwell, n.d). Leadership styles 1. Transformational Style- in this style the leader guides and transforms the staff. The leader makes continuous efforts to address the grievances of the employees and motivate them for improved performance. Here open communication between the staff and the leader is always encouraged and the leader follows the participative style of management. The staff gets highly influenced by the leader in Transformational Leadership Style. (Lai, 2011) 2. Transactional Style- Here the main focus of the leader is on management’s objectives. In this style, the leader constantly motivates his followers by offering rewards for completed tasks. These leaders are mostly work-oriented. they usually follow a particular structure and practice directive style of management. In this style of management, innovativeness and creativity are ignored and people are often motivated by the use of extrinsic motivational factors like incentive and holiday trip (Hood, 2007, p.16)

Business Strategies

It goes without saying that rival companies may be interested in the information held by a company and it should be anticipated that cases such as theft of such held information may happen. Therefore, in order for a company to be successful, such problems should be kept under control. In a survey provided by the Ministry of Information and Communication, investment in information protection systems is not equivalent to the type of protection systems technology available in more developed countries. This means that these companies are not aware of the value such as investment could bring. Another reason could be the fact that specialists who have a considerable amount of expertise regarding such technology cannot be found easily. Therefore, a security manager alone cannot singlehandedly prevent illegal intrusions into a company’s database. As a result, most companies do not see the importance of investing large sums of money in order to have a good protection system against information trespassing.The usage of technology in starting up a business is important because it could mean the difference between properly managing a business and mismanaging it. Should rival elements get in the way of a company’s records or files, the operation of the company could be ruined. A variety of disadvantages could follow as a result of such a scenario. The reputation of the company would not only be at stake, but also the reputation of the company’s employees. Information acquired from a company’s database could be misused with the intention of leading towards the company’s downfall and loss of assets. In a survey performed by The Conference Board, it turned out that74 percent of companies had a difficult time protecting information that was confidential and mandatory for the company’s existence. This difficulty lay only second against other difficulties a company may face, the top constraint being a company’s difficulty in complying with rules and regulations set by the government. Security is everything when it comes to business. It does not only judge financial risks, but it may also be the judge on whether the company would continue operations for a longer period of time.Competition against other rival companies is key to deciding whether a company should strengthen its security information systems or not. In any case, it is always better than a company is equipped with the latest technology to prevent any information from leaking out.

Impact of work place technology

Contextually, the major drivers of technology involvement in the organizations can be identified as the rapid technology innovations, altering customers’ preferences, increasing customer awareness and subsequently enhancing competition. Although such issues have mostly been related with the product centric industries, similar aspects are also quite common in the context of service industry settings (Fine, 2003).Notably, the role of Information Communication Technology (ICT), in today’s modern day context, can be well illustrated with reference to the operational processes of the UK police department. It is believed that with the help of ICT inclusion in the operational activities of the UK police, the organization will be able to obtain greater flexibility in terms of its flow of information and thereby, assist the department to implement necessary actions in order to ensure the safety of the society. For instance, ICT inclusion in its operational processes helps the service organization with unified communication system through which the UK police can obtain accurate information and thereby take instant actions in response to the safety issue (Home Office, n.d.).The aim of this study is to analyse how ICT helps the UK police to fight against the crime and ensure community safety. The study will further attempt to identify the strategies adopted by the UK police when utilizing ICT in order to obtain necessary information. It is worth mentioning in this regard that when collecting adequate data, both secondary as well as primary sources can be considered as equally essential to conduct this study successfully. However, in order to obtain primary sources it is necessary to conduct a face-to-face interaction with the police department officials where various types of security related issues can be identified in terms of limited accessibility to in-depth data owing to confidentiality. It can also be assumed that

Cyber Threats

ARP poisoning Address Resolution Protocol spoofing, also referred to as ARP flooding, or ARP poisoning/ARP poison routing is a mechanism that is employed when one wants to attack an Ethernet wireless or wired network. This technique may allow the attacker to undertake packet sniffing. In case of email, the attacker will sniff the traffic sent by one host to another host ion the network (Tan Ruighaver 2005). In the normal operations of ARP, there will be broadcasting of host IP address and MAC addresses. When some host wants to send some information to a certain host, it will send a broadcast asking who has a certain IP address. The host with the respective IP address will reply to the request and will do so with the correct IP address and the MAC address. This communication happens with a lot of gullibility (Salomon Cassat 2003). This is because, ARP does not have authentication. The reply and the host which replies that it has the said IP address and MAC address will not be authenticated. In ARP communication, there is no authentication of the hosts. The host replying will be taken to be correct. ARP does not have a mechanism of correcting the information that it gets from the hosts which are communicating in the network (Salomon Cassat 2003). Since there is no authentication of the ARP requests and replies, the attacker will insert a wrong IP address to a computer cache. The ARP request will then be fed with the wrong IP address. This is called ARP poisoning, that is the ARP table has been poisoned with wrong information. The attacker manages to lie to the machines and to the people in the network (Russell Gangemi 2011). What these attacks do is that they will get what is taking place with the two parties. When the parties communicate, the attacker will get the packets and get the email password of either parties or even both parties. They can then use the passwords to undertake attacks (Peltier 2005). The possibility for an IP address to be associated with any given MAC address is another loophole for attacks. They are able to undertake many forms of attacks to the unsuspecting users and hosts in the network. In this state, other forms of network attack can be experienced. Other common forms of attacks that can be experienced include man-in-the-middle attacks, MAC flooding, and denial of service attacks (Orebaugh, Ramirez Beale 2007). Man-in-the-middle attacks This is an attack which is common in local area networks. This attack is a form of active and aggressive eavesdropping where the attacker will create independent connections between the parties communicating so that the attacker will feign either parties communicating. In the end, the parties communicating will think that they are having a private communication and yet in the real sense, the communication is being controlled by eth attacker (Neumann 2006). A hacker can make use of ARP spoofing/poisoning to attack the communication between communicating parties. This can sim0ply be undertaken by having the attacker sending ARP reply to a router. The router could be communicating with computer A. The router will send information regarding its IP address and the MAC address thinking that the requesting agent is computer A. After getting this information, the attacker will also send an ARP replies to machine A. Machine A will respond to the reply thinking that the machine is a router. It will then send information to the attacker. After getting the IP and MAC address, the attacker will then use the operating system characteristic that is referred to as IT forwarding. This feature will

Exploring Organisations Birmingham City Business School

The business school is also well known for the situation where it publically made available the fact that students were outsourcing their assignments and coursework to suppliers who would bid and finish their work for them. The business school at this point in time has five different departments which offer specialized programs to the students. The specialized programs have been designed based on the current market needs and analyzing the requirements of the business industry. These needs have clarified the types of programs that the requirement of today and, thus the structure is based on providing the best quality intellect to the businesses of today. (Birmingham, 2010) This paper specifically aims to identify the issues and problems that exist within this organization along with ways and measures to help improve Birmingham City Business School, so that it becomes a better and more effective organization. Various theoretical frameworks will be used to analyze the organization and come up with solutions grounded in theory. Feasibility of each idea and measure has been evaluated as well to see which set of solutions would be most effective for improving the business school in the longer term. … Thus, implementation of organizational strategy is delayed which give rise to other organizational issues with respect to proper alignment of resources, human resources on board and development of a task force. The problems multiply manifold since decision making is extremely bureaucratic. As a result, the organization is facing issues that lead to lower revenues and lower utilization of key resources. (Harris, 2004) Moreover, there is male domination across the organization. There are more male professors and male students in every field. There are just 30% female students compared to 70% male students in all disciplines. (Economist, 2012) Thus, there is a need for gender balance. Birmingham Business School and all the other Universities across UK are trying to create gender balance. (Dingley, 2012) Furthermore, in Birmingham Business School only 16% students are enrolled from Europe, whereas 61% are enrolled from Asia and Australasia. Even though, Birmingham Business School is proud of the level of international students, there is a need to create a balance and try to hire students from other parts of the World such as Middle East, North America, Latin America and Africa. (Economist, 2012) (Anon., 2010) Another key problem within Birmingham City Business School is that of communication. Communication between departments is not strong because of which each department works in a silo and does not find out about the achievements and requirements of other departments. In addition to that, external communication of the organization is impacted since the organization cannot cater to immediate needs of the external stakeholder because the internal stakeholders do not have complete and accurate information from within

The Vulnerability of Cyber Attacks on the Financial and the Energy Sectors

We focus our discussion on the vulnerability of these cyberattacks on the financial and the energy sectors. In that context, a Russian official once commented in an interview that if there is an attack on the national targets like the transportation of the electricity distribution then that will have a much more bitter consequence than the use of a weapon on mass destruction. (Tenet, 1998)In 1996, in a military publication, a Chinese General commented on three vulnerable ways of cyber attacks on their enemies. According to him, they can disrupt the command centres of their enemies by changing the data systems, they can force the enemies to make misjudgments by sending disinformation and they can even dominate the banking system and entire social order by performing cyber attacks on their enemies. (Serabian, 2000) The main way of attack in the cyberattack is through E-mails, as it is the most common mode of communication in the present world. The spam attack is the most common way of a cyber attack through E-mails. These types of attacks are mainly done to disrupt the proceedings of large enterprises and Governmental departments. The global connectivity of the corporate and the susceptibility of the network infrastructure are the major source of attraction of cybercrimes. The management authorities of many companies lack the potential of determining the exact cyber risk to which the company is exposed and hence, fall under the trap of cyber attack. The companies and the government departments are assembling legal firewalls and latest anti-virus programs to reduce the chances of cyber attacks but they are still not fully protected. The higher officials of different organizations are constantly working on increasing their knowledge of cyber laws and the attacks so that they can take proper initiatives in controlling the attacks.They can not afford to risk their security of operational and financial proceedings on the hands of cyber predators. (Carafano, 2009. Leggiere, 2009. CDWG, 2009, pp. 5-10. McCarter, 2009)

Relationship Marketing Improving Work Environments and Employee Relations

In an economic climate where large companies are cornering the market and offering prices so low that small businesses can’t compete, it is critical for companies to isolate areas of customer service in order to maintain a profit margin. There are, of course, several ways to approach this but most importantly, improving work environments and employee relations is the most effective way to begin. Loyalty Research Center delved into the results and derived a critical link between the employee and customer loyalty was with the managers and their ability to communicate with the route drivers. Managers who were providing more information and feedback to their drivers had higher employee satisfaction and in return, higher customer satisfaction. Dissatisfied employees felt managers were not providing enough support in their daily job responsibilities. In addition, the Loyalty Research Center determined the customers with greater satisfaction resided in the offices with higher employee satisfaction scores. (Loyalty Research Center, 2000)Most companies that specialize in improving customer service or departments within companies that specialize in improving customer service have found that one of the most important aspects of the customer – employee relations is communication. This means that it is critical for companies to ensure that each and every employee within the company, has a clear and concise knowledge of their job description as well as what the company expects of them. Companies may expand on these criteria by providing their employees with incisive as well as with information or training on how to best succeed at their job. When an employee has a sense of stagnant placement within their job, they will often settle into a level of mediocrity due to no clear motivation or incentive plan. When there is, however, a continual opportunity for advancement, employees are much more likely to focus on excellence in order to achieve a higher status within the company as well as a higher pay scale.