Is Dysfunctional Communication Harmful

And the colleague’s actual behaviour was very contrast to what he was stating. His wife had a very good job and she was earning more than he. All the ladies from our organization would cross-question him why he was then allowing his wife to work and why he didn’t keep her at home. His behaviour in the workplace was similar to whatever he would say. He used to neglect the ladies deliberately or tried his best to show them inferior. Such a dysfunctional attitude of males is there in most of the traditional male-dominated families. It is necessary to know what is dysfunctional communication before discussing this issue. Dysfunctional communication is defined as “a communication that results from inaccurate perceptions, faulty internal filters (personal interpretations of information), and social isolation. Communication behaviours of emotionally ill persons may have characteristics that prevent their establishing and maintaining relationships with others.” (Free dictionary by Farlex)This dysfunctional attitude is seen everywhere. Even if a lady overtakes the man on the road while driving, some men think it as an insult. This attitude is the manifestation of their male ego and the tendency to think a woman as an inferior. The women have to face male ego while in her house or while at her workplace that her male colleagues always try to damage her confidence by suppressing her. This male approach is particularly known as the dysfunctional approach. In such communication men generally tend towards ignoring woman’s existence deliberately. Through their behaviour they constantly make the woman feel that you are unimportant and as a man, I am the superior person and he expects that the woman should always be below him. In the family also the same thing happens, especially in the typical stereotype family. Here the male partner is more dominating. “The wife’s role is seen to be of less significance and therefore she is viewed as having less personal value.”

Emerald Buddha in Bangkok Thailand

The Emerald Buddha, a dark green statue is in a standing form, about 66 centimeters (26 in) tall which is carved from a single jade stone in the meditating posture in the style of the Lenna School of northern Thailand. Due to the holiest nature of the statue except for the Thai King, no other person can be allowed come close or to touch the statue who cloaks it three time a year during winter summer and the rainy season which is a powerful ritual carried out to welcome good fortunes in the country in each season. Wat Phra Kaeo is believed to be the holiest temple in the kingdom, due to the diminutive Emerald Buddha is the holiest image in Thailand. The coming to be of the image is in dispute among experts where some say it was made in Sri Lanka as believe that it was crafted during the 14th century to what is now Thailand. It is believed to come with the good fortune to whoever possesses it, and thus it has been fought over by several kings and empires for legends claims that miracles used to occur in different places it has been interned. Since 1784, the Emerald Buddha has been in its present shrine in Wat Phra Kaeo thus making the Buddha image and the temple remains a fantastic focal point due to the historic royal ceremonies. Other people believe e that ‘” Wat Phra Singh” Bangkok is the holiest temple since it was first to host emerald Buddha despite the many argumentative explanations few people have come into concession about this (Subhadradi, 25-36). Main Body #1 Emerald Buddha is made out of the finest gems ever known and has some of the most miraculous powers. In Thailand, an image of the Emerald Buddha which is made of gem and stone carving is been associated with extremely uncommon power for along time. These Buddha images have been used as an object of ventilation and religious worship in the community. Due to their miraculous power, the image of Emerald Buddha has been shown to appear on office and altars in homes, schools, and temples. The image is believed to be a sign of infectiousness of religion from the effective cognition of ontological communication. The affection is delivered from the ritual of the consecration of the can lead to personal presentation. Therefore, it represents the inherent of the relationship between the inherent and beholder as a simple of contemplation. (Swearer 8-31) Anthropologists and historian have put across several arguments that the Buddha can go where it is designated to go are where it shall choose. According to the case of sinhale Buddha case, the image of the Emerald Buddha it travels according to the kingship and kingdom making for it was placed in the inner cycle of the palace. In this case, the travel of Sinhala Buddha is a remarkable occasion for it is associated with the first appearance of pure pali budhisism. The travel of the buddha statue provides a chain of 0geneology of the kingdom and politic which the statues legitimate. It provides a map for the political arena made of the number if principalities changing boundaries and affiliations thus identifying the virtues of commitment to the religio-political ideology. The statue of Buddha is a product of the circumstances of which it’s making, and authenticity is given by its maker (Timbiah 1-15) V.

Sustainability Development Principles

This is combined with understanding the overall system and issues which relate to this. When this is done, there is an understanding of key issues within the assessment and the necessity to create different responses with the case study and the understanding of principles that are created.The main categories that are related to sustainable development principles relate directly to the understanding and links of how these can be used in a different context. The approach is to create an economic, social, and environmental sense of quality within the different needs that are a part of the development. This is combined with the idea of creating a holistic approach, specifically which is inclusive of developing different roles for various needs with the principles which are used. To further sustainability, some elements are required, including economic development, environmental quality, and social equity that occurs. The adequate scope furthers this with the understanding of time scales and how this can work with the long – term goals that are created. The activities, amount of communication, practical roles, participation, efficiency, and the ability to change different roles also furthers this. Monitoring, evaluation, and change of the different expectations with the operations then allow for the categories and principles to be associated with the development of the quality required.While the basis of sustainable development is available, there is not an understanding of how this will affect future generations. This is one of the main gaps that is associated with analyzing and responding to environmental, social, and economic developments. One can base the sustainable development principles on current trends and expectations. However, this may hurt others within the community and may not be used for effective expectations.

Phishing Pharming and Vishing Computer Security

As technology evolves, it brought a lot of facilities regarding better online communication, data transfer, business, marketing, management, etc. This improvement of technology also brought a few problems regarding online working. Online frauds are the new shape of online criminal activities. That involves the information and data handing and later on the use of that information to perform for illegal activities. This can be cash-based scandals. Numerous modern and up-to-date technologies in the industrial period have fashioned innovative openings for carrying out criminal activities. Information Technology, especially the Internet is open for everyone and it also gives them opportunities to criminal people, steals, new ways to steal them, and new techniques to harm others. Computer crime is acknowledged as unlawful actions by using a computer or against a computer system. The Internet’s user-friendliness and convenience have fashioned modern ways for computer crime, well-known forms of which are phishing, pharming, and vishing (Laudon Laudon 1999, p. 147). Phishing, pharming, and vishing are the most commonly used terms for online criminal and negative activities. This paper will present a deep insight into these terms and their distinction from each other.This section will present a detailed historical analysis of online crime and negative activities. The 1980s was the opening of the massive marketplace application of the WWW (World Wide Web). By means of its accomplishment and usage, there appears growth in the capability to infect mass quantities of computer systems. Through transferring SPAM crafted to seem alike to an authorized demand from any organization like that of an online university or bank, we might be trapped into following a web-based link to an internetsite that was hosting malware or some infection that transfers to our system. This in point of fact could have similar outcomes as we click on a dirty email file attached to any message (Rodriguez, 2007). The subculture transformed once more in the 1990s in the way of financiers.

Business Claims

The typical starting place is offer and acceptance.1 An offer is regarded as a definite promise which by its terms and conditions provides the responding party with an option to either accept or decline the offer.2 Only after a court disposed of the matter is satisfied that offer and acceptance exist it will then look for consideration. Lush LJ described consideration as:In the context of this definition of consideration, Scant Securities via Helen suffered a detriment by virtue of the cost incurred and time lost in driving to the auction. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that there was indeed a consideration.The communication from Eric Tylfot Sons to Scant constituted an offer for the auction of commercial vehicles and vans that were of interest to Scant. It is assumed that the communication contained a specific date and time for the conduct of the auction. On the facts provided the communication provided a specific invitation to Scant to attend the auction. There is no doubt that Eric Tylfot Sons extended a specific and unambiguous offer to Scant. The only question is whether or not Scant accepted that offer.For an offer to be legally accepted the offer must follow the essential terms of the offer made.4 An offer can be accepted either by conduct or by written or oral communication.5 For present purposes, conduct since the acceptance of an offer is required to be communicated to the party making the offer.6 Scant did, however, via Helen’s email confirm acceptance of Tylfot’s offer to participate in the auction. Helen stated that she would be attending the auction. While she asked for confirmation that the auction was going to indeed take place she did not indicate that her acceptance of the offer was conditional upon a specific reply.

Changing American Icons in Popular Culture

Identifying changes that have been made in culture, as well as how this represents the icons of America in popular culture, leads to a different understanding of identity in different social areas.The concept of modern culture and the icons that represent them are integral to defining how one creates an identity not only from personal values but also from the surrounding social concepts. The modern consciousness of any given time frame is one that changes according to what one would believe is a personal belief. However, when looking at different aspects of mass media and common culture, it can be seen that there is a change in the general consciousness. This leads to the modern views of the time, as well as how one identifies with the individual beliefs according to this culture. Personal identity and social identity are then noted as the same concept when looking at ideas of culture (Scruton, 2 – 5). In looking at both Better Homes and Gardens issues, it can be seen that the American icon is one that defines cultural identity by making a statement of personal identity within the home.The changing gender values in American culture are one of the common icons that have been noted throughout time. The concept of the gender code by a changing society is one that has been pushed, specifically through the use of media and mass communication. In the time frame of the 1950s, this was represented by the housewife that was responsible for the upkeep and affairs of the home. The gender code of men during this time was just as relevant, specifically defined as the businessman and the ‘breadwinner’ of the home. In the present time, this has changed to the independent and self – sustaining woman of America. Single women are now defined as independent and with the ability to overcome different problems without the help of men, are one of the current gender codes in society. The idea of the housewife has been replaced by the working and contemporary woman.

Analysis of the Poem Letter to a Friend by Jon Stallworthy

Analysis of the Poem “Letter to a Friend” by Jon Stallworthy As a whole, the first stanza of “Letter to a Friend” by Jon Stallworthy presents a content that occurs relevant to the political state of affairs in turbulence at the time of the speaker. This is quite evident in the third and fourth lines with “The eunuch voice of scholarship, / Or the reformer’s rage” for which the tone of resentment is congruous to the word ‘rage’ which seems present even with the former correspondences. Despite the current absence of the friend in the act of blaming, the friend’s anguish can be felt in the writer’s remorse on initiating and repeating the phrase “You blame me that …” which equivalently depicts how much their relationship has been strained by the settings of politics and associated concerns. Adding “Truculent nations” somehow directs a reader to the major idea with the cause of misunderstanding that seemingly arises from neglect on the side of the speaker. Instead of growing fondness, the poem’s initial stanza develops out of bitter response which hints at some justification to be brought across at a later time. apparently, there emerges huge conflict between the two friends in interactive exchange with each other for a while and the frequent inability to confer in person gets in the way of proper communication in which meaning and purpose are both conveyed to be fully understood by heart. However, it is not merely the lack of physical contact that causes deep trouble on aiming to generate smooth and warm connections but even the expectations that are built yet are not met in the process. Thu, to the same friend who either throws the narrator an accusation or assumption to satisfy, the latter replies “I answer that my poems all / Are woven out of love’s loose ends” to express his choice of flexibility prior to taking a relevant action. ‘Loose ends of love’ must be that sort of real affection that considers more of patience, openness, and perhaps, the readiness to forgive by virtue of true friendship. With the second stanza, Stallworthy exhibits greater degree or intensity regarding matters which the first-person speaker has been unable to accomplish. At this stage, the poet further makes the effort of defining the character behind the narrative voice on detailing at bulk “The banner-headline fact / Of rape and death in bungalows, / Cities and workmen sacked.” It becomes clear around this point the reasonable ground or basis with which the friend reserves the right to demand justice via the necessary act or move by the trusted companion. Implicitly, though this portion of the work bears a missing information that could have adequately enabled the narrator to explain certain measures which cannot be possibly carried out, he opts to settle the extremes of sentiment down, stating “Tomorrow’s time enough to rant of those.” He hopes for his friend to perceive the light of truth in his sincerity to impart contribution yet the occurrences of the period they live in are just too much to deal with that the writer appears to allude no sufficient resources and potentials are with them to acquire the desired resolution for the political struggle. Under these circumstances, he wants his friend to realize the beauty of the uncorrupted world in order to replenish inner strength and fresh good insights as he claims that the facts of life are sought in the idea of the basics or simplicity that may be identified with objects of pure nature as “cloud, star, leaf, and water’s dance.” Stallworthy comes up with a final stanza where he looks forward for the reader to have gone as far as discerning the profound thoughts of the speaker who strives to allow his friend yield to the complete knowledge of all his conscious endeavor. No matter how largely the other man keeps on blaming his inaction, the writer-speaker is socially aware and sensitive of the reality along with its perils as he numerates with enjambment “At cities, swivelled, from / The eye of the crazy gunman, or / The man who drops the bomb.” Towards the letter’s conclusion, the poem actually demonstrates that there are two distinct worlds that are very far from each other being marked by the speaker’s confession “I have seen fields beyond the smoke” where he intends to mean that he learns to reside in a dimension of affectionate sensibility rather than of philosophic rationality. Indeed, there is ample difference between a looking-glass that can only provide clarity of view and a window that serves as a metaphor of enlightening vision.

Cultivation of the Corporate Grapevine

In order for a manager to evade misleading his employees while trying to convey specific information or concept, he has to use universally understood non-verbal language, simplified as much as possible. In my opinion, there are three vital non-verbal categories which if applied properly will fully complete all the functions of the non-verbal communication and will not hinder the verbal one – eye contact, paralanguage and adornment. Modern business culture values eye contact because it maintains the balance of the interpersonal relationships between the seniors and the workers. Looking away might be read as avoiding the importance of the message conveyed. Thus, keeping eye contact with the employees when talking is of crucial importance. Scheflen (1972) explains that paralanguage involves non-lexical vocal communication. Paralanguage uses the broadest emotional nuances, consequently, if applied properly can replace excessive gestures or facial expressions. This category includes inflexion, tone, pitch (high, low), pauses (hesitant, organized, meaningful), pacing (rapid, measured, slow) (Scheflen 1972). Paralanguage is a powerful tool because it plays with associations and on an unconscious level. Knapp and Hall (2002) note that adornment – clothes, make-up, accessories are also important communication tools, which besides appearance transmit emotional and psychological signs. Managers need to be extra careful when choosing adornments because they play a powerfully suggestive action. Moreover, the room where the meetings are held has the capacity to affect the interaction. The amount of light, the colour of the walls, the seat arrangement, the temperature and smells have to the correctly applied by the manager who is trying to make his point and his ideas to be understood and followed.The most common mistake made in management is not listening. Active listening is the other term used to identify undivided attention and empathic attitude. Rock (2007) outlines four basic rules that active listening involves seek to understand before you seek to be understood.

Retrospective Analysis of a Change in the Psychiatric ICU

The result is always a function of how change is managed. There are several change management theories that have been proposed and almost all theories concur, that the success and failure of any change are related to the people factor. It is largely the emotional reactions of people involved in the change process that needs to be managed. Partnership, participation and commitment of staff responsible to implement new processes become critical, else any plan is likely to fail. Change management also emphasizes that people’s fears need to be managed and trust needs to be built hence communication becomes critical. Researchers have highlighted that involving staff in the planning of change, facilitating communication between departments and backing of senior management can go a long way in ensuring desired outcomes.Any new idea or change in existing practise is often met with resistance by people who are involved in such transformations. Disruption in expectation is considered as loss of control (cited by, Brück, 2002). Resistance could be higher if people are not given clarity on the goals of new processes and the benefits that one hopes to achieve by implementing the change (Doppler and Lauterburg, 2000). The reaction is triggered by the psychological need for security and predictability. Fear of the unknown holds people back from embracing any change in process or structure. As noted by (Block, 1981, p. 113), “typical forms of resistance, or bettersymptoms of resistance, besides the most obvious form of attacking, are Silence, debating unimportant things, staying away, coming too late to meetings, flooding with detail, intrigues, rumours etc…”.This can be counter-productive as has been proven by Kotter (1995) who shows that two-thirds of the changes end in failure.

Information and Communication Strategy at Tesco

Within аn orgаnizаtion, ICTs eliminаte low vаlue аdded аctivities аnd other intermediаries in the vаlue chаin аnd increаse the effectiveness of plаnning аnd coordinаtion. Thus new sources of competitive аdvаntаge–coordinаting аnd integrаtion skills–become а strаtegic weаpon thаt is not rooted in trаditionаl fаctors. The requirements of globаl sourcing, reаl-time informаtion shаring, mаss customizаtion аnd virtuаl clustering of аctivities redefine nаtionаl competitiveness–аnd the links between firms аnd their home territories–in wаys significаntly different from those envisioned eаrlier. Current pаper presents аn overview of orgаnizаtionаl business strаtegy in terms of ITC initiаtive to support business аnd build competitive аdvаntаge. Pаrticulаrly, the cаse of Tesco grocery is provided to cover the issues of corporаte informаtion аnd communicаtion strаtegy.Аs well аs operаting in the UK, it hаs stores in the rest of Europe аnd Аsiа. It аlso provides online services through its subsidiаry, The UK is the compаnys lаrgest mаrket operаting under four bаnners: Extrа, Superstore, Metro аnd Express.Tesco sells аpproximаtely 40,000 food products in its superstores, аs well аs clothing аnd other non-food lines. The compаnys own-lаbel products аre аt three levels, vаlue, normаl аnd finest. Own brаnd аccounts for аpproximаtely 50% of sаles.Аs are well аs convenience produce, mаny stores hаve gаs stаtions. The compаny hаs become one of Britаins lаrgest petrol independent retаilers. Other retаiling services offered in the UK include Tesco Personаl Finаnce аnd Tesco Personаl Finаnce is а joint venture with the Royаl Bаnk of Scotlаnd. It hаs over 3.4 million customers, аnd provides vаrious finаnciаl products аnd services.