Companies Based Education Training and Developments

In most cases it is the employees who operate these machines, therefore competent employees must be hired. The employees who have the necessary skills and knowledge are indispensable in the company.Different companies produce different varieties of products and also have different methods of producing these products. There is a need for the employees to be internally trained based on the kind of activities that the company is engaged in. However, in many years the companies have shown laxity or failed completely to provide in house training programs for the employees. Sometimes employees are urgently hired to fill the vacant seats which perhaps have just been created by the death of a former employee or an incapacitated employee. This action always does not create room for the training of the new employees (McGuire Jorgensen, p.267).Other companies might fail to provide sufficient in- house training programs because they lack quality training programs due to their high initial capital outlay. This especially affects small companies which perhaps have just been established and still new in the business market. Most companies also tend to make an assumption that college, universities, and various learning institutions do exist to provide training to the students on how they should positively contribute to the business community. The fact is that these learning institutions don’t actually exist to teach students how to be productive employees or business leaders in the market (Mckeena Beech, 2008, p.36). If you read keenly the mission statements of some highly recognized learning institutions and public universities, one will totally fail to believe that they are trying to teach students how to be good employees and to contribute positively to the global market. There is nothing in the mission statements that makes one believe that students are taught business skills. For instance, Harvard University is a well known and recognized learning institution in the world but in its mission statement one will have nothing to believe that they teach students how to become good business people and employees.