Conflict Resolution Concepts and Definitions

It is for this reason that there are different bodies and organization such as the United Nations and European Union who are charged with ensuring that there is neighborliness among all member countries and that major issues that has to do with the peace and economic stability of a nation becomes the concern of all member nations (Doyle, 2001). Again, considering the cost of resolving issues of national conflicts of different kinds, it has always been the concern of these organizations to ensure that peace is rather maintained than brokered. What this means is that member states always want to ensure that the peace that exists in a particular country continues to exist and so they will not wait for conflict to break before seeking intervention. This is where peace enforcement plays very instrumental role because unlike peacekeeping that is centered on the need to resolve conflicts and bring about peace, peace enforcement actually seeks to ensure that there is the continual existence of peace.Another element of peace enforcement that stands out from other force of peace deals such as peacemaking and peacekeeping is that there is often the involvement of third parties. These third parties are considered to be entities who are neutral in whatever issue that might be the cause of chaos and confusion in a nation. It would be observed that in the recent events of violence in Syria, the United Nations started making advances at ensuring peace right at the nurturing stages of the violence. This was done by constituting the United Nations Peace Envoy to Syria. Though some analysts have said that the approach could be more combative to force the Syrian government to bring about peace by cutting that country out of the world league and leaving them to their plight, the fact that there were third party involvement specially designated outside the country involved makes the process peace enforcement. Finally, it would be noted that though there were a number of sanctions placed onSyria, the extent where very strong combative military intervention would be used was absented.