Constant Patient Care

Doctors and nurses are the eyes and ears of the health-care system.Medicine has been referred to as an art based on science. The art of medicine has been based on a strong foundation of practice. It has evolved through centuries based on human values and intuition. Medicine allays the fears and anxieties of the patients and attempts to console them under all circumstances ( According to me the quality of tending to the sick can be called an art, not the profession of medicine. One can have the art of being a nurse or a doctor but medicine by itself is not art. If the nurses or doctors do not have this art, they are considered inferior in their profession. They may have the scientific knowledge of what medicine to administer but they may not have the art of handling or consoling the patient. Medical activity is based on science and scientific methods.Medicine and technology by itself may not be able to work wonders for the patient and how the nurse handles the situation may be more important. Even then, it will be said that nurses has the art of patient care. At the same time, unless the field of medicine has progressed and unless new scientific methods and equipment are available, the nurses will not be merely able to help the patient by having the art of healing. It can also happen that data available through different tests and diagnoses do not match with the clinical investigation of the doctors. In this case, the art of healing or the art of medicine or the intuition of the doctors and nurses becomes important. Thus medicine is both an art and science.Since the nurses and doctors are well versed in the art of medicine or art of tending care, they are the best judges in how the suffering of the patients can be alleviated.