Critical Thinking by Apply Concepts Theories and Empirical Knowledge from the News Media

Ross (2011) in the first place examines turnover rate, re-employment of laid-off workers, and the market absorption of the workers. It considers quality and standard of products as well as enriching employee skills in the company. Lochhead (2011) on the other hand evaluates the U.S Postal services having a reprieve on a debt obligation of $15 billion debt limit it surpassed. The focus in this paper is to sociologically analyze the media article and apply critical thinking to know whether it is empirically appropriate or not. Lochhead’s article exposes how post office is facing a big drop in revenue earned and losing customers. This is so because capital to maintain them is lacking. Moreover, there are new inventions and issues that have negatively affected business. They include internet communication, prefunding of retirees and recession. No definite short-term solution is so far visible to provide solutions to these problems, a sole fear holding the company’s management system. Research identifies that the biggest issue is the business model set to govern the post office is old, and there is need for urgent change. In fact, extinction is due if the company’s issues are not addressed. As a result, various measures are being suggested with an aim of correcting this crisis. For instance, the measures include reducing the number of workers and relocating postal services to smaller business places like gas stations, grocery stores and retailers. These give a clue to certain question that may arise in the article, some of which include: Why NUMI Company is in its debt state, what preventive and corrective measures it can take and the manner in which Critical Thinking relate to solving the problems. Answers to these questions are analyzed below. To begin with, bankruptcy caused by stiff competition from Chinese is a major problem that faces Solyndra Company. In the second place, a problem emerges in a view that many workers lose their jobs and find an immediate alternative to other companies. In another view, New United Manufacturing Inc. (NUMI) left 4,700 employees jobless on its closure. These employees have good working experience and expertise. To counter some of these problems, Tesla Motors, a company manufacturing electric vehicles took part of the ditched factory and hired thirty of the jobless, former NUMI workers. The director of Tesla in a comment says that hiring NUMI workers is beneficial. In an attempt to analyze these articles, application of some relevant sociological models and concepts were put in place. These consist of class system, social construction of reality and social inequality, all of which considers The Marxist theory. The theory handles political culture, the state, conflict, role, culture and ideology as Morrow (2011) observes. Concerning the news media, new technological improvements made like e-commerce and networking has greatly reduced the popularity and use of post office. In another view, the Role theory explains different expectations of individuals in the society. In critical thinking, it is understood that every individual has their own needs and expectations as the University of Chicago faculty theories point out. The quality of a worker is enhanced with more engagement in the field and experience, and that is why Tesla employs the sacked workers from NUMI. As a motivator, honesty helps employees develop self-ownership of