Dealing with Policing in the Society

They play a binding force in the society in which they operate. If they would not have been present, the lawbreakers would have been on the loose, with no fear of law enforcers, and would not have felt any obligation to follow the rules. (Thomas, 1993)The police force is also a very visible occupation in any system as the most are expected out of them. They are expected to act in ways that will make society a better place to live and this puts a lot of pressure on them. Moreover, they are also often criticized the most on various points, ranging from the ethical viewpoint and the crucial nature of their job. (Mike, 2005) The police force has seen many changes in the way it is organized, in the way it is carried out and the following pages will throw light on this journey of policing.When it comes to studying the traditional policing, which has prevailed since time immemorial, it would help if the history of policing is studied. The first police force was organized in the year in the country of France to assist King Louis XIV. But if we consider the history of police all around the world, it can be said that it has originated and flourished in different parts of the world in different time periods due to slightly different reasons. (Thomas, 1993)In Ancient China, the police force was known as the “prefects” and this title has existed for more than hundreds of decades. In the state of Jin, these prefects were dispersed all over, and each one of them had a different kind of authority, which was limited to a certain extent and even their employment period was set and defined, rather than ongoing. They had to report to the local magistrate. (Mike, 2005)When it comes to Ancient Europe, the surprising factor is that it was the slaves who were made to serve the purpose of the police. These slaves were owned publically and this was the rule in Ancient Greece.