Democracy in America

This paper briefly analyses the areas which need further modifications or improvements in order to make democracy stronger in America.America is a country most of the people like to immigrate because of the immense freedom, liberties, and opportunities existing there. Perhaps America is the only country in the world which is developed equally well in most of the areas of human life. If China can compete with America with respect to economic development, they are far behind America with respect to the protection of human rights and freedom of expression rights are concerned. Sometimes the United Kingdom can match the United States in these areas. But they are also far behind America in terms of strength of democracy. The U.K. is not a truly democratic country since the monarch is believed to be the head of the United Kingdom at least on papers. In short, America is the richest and most civilized country in the world and the major reason for such huge developments is nothing but the strength of stainless democracy.At the same time, many political gurus believe that American democracy has a lot of space for improvement. In their opinion, the American constitution, style of government functioning, civil liberties, Electoral College, presidential power, procedures of selecting Supreme Court judges, etc are some areas that should be improved further in order to make the American democracy perfect.American Political Science Association (2004) has mentioned that the ideals of equal citizenship and the responsive government may be under growing threat in America at present because of persistent and rising inequalities. In their opinion, disparities of income, wealth, and access to opportunity are growing more sharply in the United States than in many other nations, and gaps between races and ethnic groups persist (American Political Science Association, 2004, p.1). America is a capitalist country.