On Turning Ten by Billy Collins

This poem flawlessly signifies a crucial thematic element of change during the process of understanding how tough life can be. As such, it is a driving force that enables people to see the present life from a different perspective. This poem helps the reader to know these changes since the narrator includes realistic arguments that have happened in his own life. In that regard, this poem analyses the application of negative overtones, imagery, and similes used in the poem to analyze the work of the author categorically.The narrator writes the first sestet to juxtapose how he was ten and how he experiences severe headaches, stomach pains, psyche mumps, and measles. The author makes use of similes to signify all the unfortunate occurrences and conditions that mattered to him the moment he transited to another age. The application of different life conditions perfectly, including the disfiguring of the chickenpox infection, is a significant occurrence that has been utilized in the metaphorical segment. The author makes use of the phrase to paint a bad picture of his own life full of exaggerated scenarios, which are crucial to teaching the readers how cruel life can be.However, this is a fundamental character, which has been built perfectly by the write towards the process of creating and identifying all the negative overtones of the human actions identified in life. The narrator and author perfectly make use of similes in the final sestets in the poem to represent that age changes whereas mentioning that “whenever someone falls in life while walking, it normally happens that they bleed from their knees or elbows” which is an attempt to deal with all the life issues that the author of the poem might have faced. The walking aspect in life has been utilized perfectly as a metaphor to signify the problems of existence while the element of bleeding being regarded as existence consequences. The narrator and author make use of metaphorical expressions categorically to define how massive his existence problems are, including those that might be faced in a new age. When The narrator and author were turning ten, this was an expression that signified the age when he stopped being considered as a ‘single’ age since he was now allocated double age figures.Throughout the poem, imagery has been applied to perfectly focus on some issues throughout his age. For example, in the second sestet, the author comments that “When I was four, I was known to be a wizard in Arabia, which is a name that made me invisible…..when I was seven, I was referred to as a soldier, while a prince at nine.” The description of his identity is utilized to show and signify her different attributes and stages that the narrator and author faced in existence. The simplicity in reality that the narrator and author in the poem had in the past can be illustrated through images that signify a specific character. In his existence, any forms of pleasure have been eliminated, which leaves the narrator and author with significant problems the narrator faced until the moment change was witnessed.The transitions show a basic design, which has been modeled perfectly to reflect the crucial changes by the narrator over time. The narrator, in the third sestet, comments that “my bike did not lean against garages as it is witnessed today since all the dark-blue speeds drained it.” This statement shows imagery, which is an expression that depicts the changes and shifts that someone might face throughout existence. I represent the world faced by the narrator, including his existence chapters and responsibilities in embracing the relevance of change in presence. The application of descriptions is a significant element in the process of determining the fundamental models of age existence, which are implanted considering the current expectations and conditions that come with presence. Some of these expectations have not been accepted in the world. The application of imagery has effectively been created and modeled to enable people to see a novel and fundamental aspect of changes required in someone’s existence.The negative undertones, on the other hand, have categorically been utilized in the narration to signify different thematic attributions according to the age existence of the narrator. Transition is one of the main themes, which the narrator focusses on throughout the poem. This is shown in the second sestet, where the narrator comments that “You argue that it is very early to check back. however, that is due to the idea of forgetting the level of simplicity of being someone, and the incredible complexity recommended by two.” In this statement, the negative undertone is seen to be direct communion with the elderly to signify that changes can be severe sometimes. The melancholic status of the narrator and the entire narration is used to mean the social model and paradigm that someone might face in existence. These changes have been initiated perfectly throughout the poem.The crucial attributes, which have been discussed in the poem, signify fundamental changes that are fundamental within a specific system. These attributes are necessary for outlining and adapting to different existence changes as someone continues to grow. Even though the child was only turning ten, it is a critical time for the narrator since the adjustments are useful for out to compound the entire facts about existence. The negative undertones provide enough evidence in sestet four, where the narrator comments that “this was when the sadness began, I spoke to myself as I navigate the world with my sneakers…..bye to all my imaginary allies.” The negative undertone shows that the narrator doesn’t aspire for the imminent changes, which will significantly affect his future. He, therefore, focussed on achieving something modeled for him as existence goes. It is shown as an existing pattern that has been established throughout the tales and categorically extrapolates the primary thematic attributes, which are relevant to defining changes throughout the existence of the narrator.Lastly, the narrator has critically incorporated negative undertones, imagery, and similes to design the theme of changes throughout the narration. Imagery has flawlessly been utilized in the poem as the narrator makes use of different images to show the vital changes and attributes that he faces. It is a critical literature element, which is determined by main models as proved in different research segments, which teaches the significant themes of existence. The narrations have been modeled critically, including the negative overtones to compound the changes that someone goes through from childhood to adulthood. The narrator connects different parts perfectly to raise the required issues required in the poem.

The Most Important Element in the Profitability of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has also received the best performance certifications from all over the world in the available best food and restaurant chains.The original design of the Pizza was adapted firstly in Wichita. Since 1977 it is the best of all available food restaurants in the market and is leading the market position in a reputable manner with an extended product range and customers.The history of Pizza Hut tells that it has always been the most successful in delivering the best products and services with highest available quality to its customers at very economical rates thus making it as a first choice for the food lovers.The current research is going to be conducted at the Pizza Hut organization with inclusions of all the key members of the marketing committee, key administration, customer references and above all the quality assurance service department.This is the major concerning area for the marketing manager to have the key questions answered by his market survey about the presence of all the key competitors present in the market and to develop a background that what are their strengths and what are their weaknesses. Sound knowledge of the basic competitors is very important to put forth any of the growth strategies in the ground for the Pizza Hut. For example, we will evaluate the presence of DOMINOS as the biggest available competitors.This involves the key area for the target allocation of success based upon the annual growth rate in previous fiscal years thus showing the eligibility to maintain and meet the target deadlines for the present as well. This area involves key resources to complete and gather all the relevant details of the previous growth.The data is collected by means of Questionnaire. This questionnaire is logically designed that is patent enough to gather all the information required for building up of a valid project from all the sectors of the public.

Management Information System

1.Determination of the research question is the first and the foremost demand of any research endeavor. In this step, the researcher can focus on the complexity of the subject within consideration and tries to seek answers to a few questions starting with ‘how’ and ‘why’. 2.The second step is to determine the type of case study. Whether it be intrinsic due to researcher’s personal interest, or instrumental for more than mere surface knowledge about the issue, or collective because of the consideration of a group of similar cases, or exploratory, or explanatory, or descriptive. 3.After the determination of the type of research type, the next is to select the data collection tools which are to ensure validity and reliability of the data. Cross-examination and within-examination are important tools in this regard. 4.To organize the huge amount of data to be gathered via different sources, the researcher needs to plan “databases to assist with categorizing, sorting, storing, and retrieving data for analysis”. 5.Field study and notes are the most important in this regard as they and to the exemplariness of the issue. 6.Next step would be to draw valid, accurate and precise results of the data collected. The most important feature is to remain unbiased so that to create new insights into the problem under consideration. As far as the application of a case-study method is concerned, there are four major ones (Yin, 1994):1.“To explain complex causal links in real-life interventions…To explore those situations in which the intervention being evaluated has no clear set of outcomes.” question 02 1. According to Applegate et al, what are the characteristics of the network economy? i. It is a source of opportunity for innovations and creations ii. It is the strategic part of most businesses iii. Has redefined the markets and industries iv. Has created a healthy competition among organizations v. Has connected everyone to make the world a global village in the truest sense of the words 2. Applegate et al have defined 9 themes in the networked economy. Identify and briefly explain each of the 9 themes. The 9 themes discussed are as follows: i. The confrontation with emerging technology has provided network planners with an opportunity to bring innovation in the design and building of newer markets and industries. ii. The power and differentiation of IT are attracting the long-established business models of industries to evolution. iii. The approach towards the development, operation, and management of IT is modified by the opportunities offered by the technology. iv. The change to the strategic and asset-based approach in investment and decision-taking in IT is due to the development in the standard and modulation of IT. v. The practical speed of change is limited by the ever increasing and changing knowledge and assimilation regarding technologies vi. The preference for the purchase, rather than innovation of newer technology is due to certain pressures on organizations.

Semantic Web System

The semantic web at its core includes a set of collaborative working groups, design principles, and a verity of facilitative technologies. A few parts of the Semantic Web are projected as potential future possibilities that have not yet been put into practice or executed. The formal elements of Semantic Web include notations like RDF Schema, the Web Ontology Language, Resource Description Framework, a variety of data interchange formats like N3, N-Triples, Turtle, RDF/XML, which intend on providing a prescribed description of terms, relationships and concepts within the knowledge domain given.Man has the capability of using the Web to carry out his day to day chores. one may use the Web to find the meanings of words, to reserve a movie ticket, to book a flight, to find information about something, etc. Anyhow the information available on the Web is designed in such a manner that it can be read only by the people and not by the computers, so the computer is unable to carry out such tasks without being directed by man.The vision of information which is understood by computers and enables them to perform a work which is tedious which involves combining, sharing and finding information on the Web is enabled by Semantic web.Semantic Web will be beneficial to semantic publishing in a great manner, it is expected that Semantic Web will bring revolution to scientific publishing like sharing of experimental data on the Internet and real-time publishing. W3C HCLS group’s Scientific Publishing Task Force is now exploring this essential idea.Due to the fast growth in the usage of Web, with the renovation and innovation of information content technologies, Semantic Web application areas are experiencing an increased interest. The Semantic Web provides ameans for the realization of Enterprise Information Systems and is regarded as an integrator across different content and information systems and applications.

Human Resources in USoft

Other factors that make U-Soft employees work below their capabilities include poor leadership skills among the managers and lack of work promotion opportunities.To increase the work performance of employees, the HR manager of U-Soft should draft new HR policies, remuneration packages, and work flexibility options. These strategies are effective in terms of motivating employees to improve their overall work performance. Likewise, the HR manager should also connect with colleges and universities to enable the company to hire some of the most competitive young individuals who are highly skilled in software development and design.U-Soft is a software production company that also operates in online gaming. Being a service-oriented firm with technical requirements, it is of utmost importance to U-Soft that it recruits skilled and technically equipped people to deliver efficiency and optimal output.Theoretically, reduced HR costs get reflected in decreased production costs and enhanced profit margins. However, U-Soft is facing problems in managing its workforce due to increased competition, quality emphasis, and performance gap between actual and expected.This paper delves deep into analyzing the competitive strategies of U-Soft and how its human resources policies are not supplementing its business policy. Starting with a brief overview of the company, SWOT analysis and identifying the current gaps in the recruitment and working environment form the basis for recommending solutions to problems caused by insufficient and ineffective management of its workforce.U-Soft is a technology-driven organization which was founded in 2003. Eventually, U-Soft became a public company in 2007. The company operates in Business Intelligence, Consulting, Alert Engine Tools and online games with services provided to both business enterprises and customers.

The Customer Satisfaction Study

A second type of question, particularly in the preliminary part of the study should address their expectations. Why did they attend, and what did they expect to gain from attendance. We should also seek suggestions for improving the conference in the future. A few questions should address the logistics of travel, timing, location, accommodations, and services.In the case of this study, none of these, usually quite critical considerations, are relevant, since the target audience comprises 100 market research professionals. Firstly, the target sample is uniquely knowledgeable on the topic of market research, and will, therefore, be more critical of the questionnaire, but also they will be likely to give relevant answers if they see this as beneficial to them. Therefore, it is our intention to design a questionnaire so that it provides identifiable benefits to the respondents. They, themselves should gain tangible benefits from participation in the study. Therefore, there should be questions that address this need, and all respondents should be provided with a copy of the final report. While the make-up of the target population makes data collection easier, it will also skew the results a bit and this needs to be addressed in the analysis.While focus groups could yield possibly more information, they are expensive, and, due to the makeup of the target group, we feel that follow up telephone interviews will be more useful for less cost. These attendees are market research professionals. They want this study to yield good information in order to improve their future experience. However, certain types of questions might easily provide research information to the participants. For example, there could be questions concerning the value of certain portions of the convention. The dynamic cross-pollination of a focus group might be valuable for further research in the future for program development, but for a satisfaction study, it is overkill.

Can terror ever be legitimately employed in conflict

The Theory of orthodox terrorism is designed to make the state perceive terrorism as illegitimate, illegal and a violent challenge to the state. This perception is only applied to internal terrorism within a state or to external terrorism. The orthodox theory also allows the state to use terror acts, as a response to any perceived internal threats. The orthodox discourse is protected under the social contract and enforced by the Regime terror theory or the state rule by fear and violence. The Orthodox terrorism theory perceives the use violence as synonymous with the state and is necessary for the state to exist. The idea of terrorism and violence is rooted in the state. Thus, the only way to deal with violence and come up with a solution is to re-evaluate the role of the state and provide an alternative international system and a form of political governance.The orthodox discourse suggests the state plays a crucial role in generating of terrorism because of the responses it adopts most times. Terrorism is perceived as a natural condition of any state. The state generates terrorism as a response to the threats of terrorism. The terrorism by the state is used to maintain political power and order. Terrorism is a state oriented tool, which focuses on the implications of political violence by evaluating the state powers and the challenges of terrorism from within the state and other countries. The acts of terror by states can be seen as the prime response to the threats of terrorism in the post September 9, 2001 attacks on U.S.The orthodox theory describes the terrorists as violent political opponents of the state having illegitimate design on states power. This makes it possible for the state to pursue the agenda to eliminate state opposition regardless of whether the conflict is caused by terrorism or not.

The Cycle of Leadership

Circumstances that pose an immediate danger to life, property, sales revenues, however, may lead to other leaders arising from a lower level in the ranks to take charge. A building on fire or a company vehicle tied up in an accident traffic accidents and workers are indecisive as top what to do, are also typical examples of situations where participants will be required to make quick decisions. However, in the design of a product, choosing the most economical distribution routes, the location of the best manufacturing sites, as well as who to employ to fill certain positions, require considering alternatives, as well as others, and has to be done by trained and experienced executives. Leaders may also from time reject suggestions that do not conform to their expectations but may suffer from a lack of cooperation when the time comes for execution of the strategic decision that was un-democratically made. Decision making according to Drucker, should rest always with executives or leaders who should strive to maximize the inputs of their respective teams as much as possible. During such process, they should make it known that the final responsibility for the decision rests with them, but they value the contribution of every participant and will consider all options before deciding (Drucker 1974). Power according to Etzioni, can be either coercive, utilitarian or normative (Tichy Candwell 2002). The first type of leader uses force to get the job done, while the second uses incentives, especially in a working environment to achieve the same objective. Normative Power occurs when values are employed to appeal to the inner constitution of people to generate commitment and a sense of purpose. The kind of power that I can identify is the normative one, where people are treated with respect, and their opinions valued in any business or social operation. By constantly communicating those attributes people who are so treated, will feel a part of my team and will go the extra mile to help achieve the mutually established goals and objectives. In addition, at times I will employ the utilitarian source of power along with the normative to help my teams motivated. This is because although they will feel important, at times rewards will serve to reinforce those values that have been communicated to them. Having these two sources at my disposal will always lead to people become loyal, committed, disciplined and very flexible in a knowledge base economy that is subjected to changing conditions at times. These are the values that I may be able upon in times of crisis when team support and innovations become extremely important to the maintenance of a competitive edge. My favorite and least favorite bosses were on opposite ends of a continuum, due to the leadership traits that they portrayed. The relationship between my most favored boss and I was an excellent one, and it made the workflow easy, even though at the time some of the tasks were challenging. The fact that he was approachable, had an open door policy and facilitated discussions as to how best to approach the task at hand, made the work more satisfying. My favorite boss had no need to use his power in a coercive manner to intimidate anyone because the goals and objectives established by the company’s Board of Directors were constantly met.

An Analysis of a Budget Proposal

A budget calls for realism that would be based on established facts and not on hunches only, and it is necessary to find out where the figures have been based.To start with, there is a need to view the competition in this kind of magazine and find out if it satisfies the need of the potential customers. The magazine is about interior design, so there is a need to consider the population and the economic growth in the location, and lastly, according to a study, a customer profile must be developed. (“Conduct a ….”)Accuracy of forecast is often influenced by external factors such as the trends in the industry, size, and location of the planned area. A planned area, according to “Conduct a sales forecast” is “how far your customer will travel to shop, as well as how far you are prepared to distribute your product”. My suggestion in this area is for the company to establish familiarity with the trading area, which could be done by talking to neighborhood business owners, contracting the Chamber of Commerce, and use of other media.As this is a new venture, the accuracy of forecasts of sales will be an influence of competition, which is done by getting an estimate of the average of the monthly sales of similar-sized competitors. I would further suggest the need to study the quality of the competitors’ publication, prices, promotional techniques, and other similar techniquesOther influences are: “Seasonality of the business, relative state of the economy, direct and indirect competition, political events, styles or fashions, consumer earnings, population changes, weather and productivity changes” “(“Conduct a…” 2009)a. Monitor the budget – Budget planning is a step that allows management to think creatively about the future of the business. The budget, once approved and implemented, becomes the benchmark by which management can measure actual results, thus it becomes the standard.

Dry Bulk Cargoes

This may occur particularly in the case of cargo such as grain for example, where individual grains start to sink during the course of a voyage, resulting in air being forced out and creating a gap between the top of the cargo and the hatch cover, which in turn causes the cargo to move about as the ship rolls and pitches. 2 A ship is then subjected to the danger of capsizing, and the large hatchways in bulk cargo carriers which are provided to enable efficiency in the handling of cargo, can result in flooding that may potentially sink the ship.In recent years, dry bulk carriers have been associated with increased risks of structural failures that are catastrophic – for example, ships carrying heavy cargoes of iron ore or steel scrap are more susceptible, as are older carriers, and ships with trading routes in the Far East3. This is due to fatigue cracks that may develop in the hold of the ship over a period of time of continuous cargo transportation. Enhanced safety measures in regard to the design of the ship and other aspects, may be necessary to reduce causalities. The corrosion of steelwork and fatigue cracks are two of the greatest dangers in aging ships. Due to cracking that takes place due to corrosion and fatigue cracking, the result may be water entering into the holds, so that the trim is altered and large quantities of water may enter in and sink the ship.This was precisely what occurred in the year 1991, when 24 bulk carriers sank, as a result of which 154 crew and personnel aboard the ship were killed. In assessing the reasons for the sinking of the ships, the American Shipping Association concluded that the losses were “directly traceable to the failure of the cargo hold structure” which were subject to corrosion, cracking and operational damages.4 Hence, periodic checking of older ships for fatigue cracks and damages caused by corrosion and operational procedures must be carried out, with repairs and restoration being instituted as necessary.Proper and correct loading of the ship is necessary to ensure that the cargo is evenly balanced on the ship.