Development of Strategic Management

It has tasted all kind of market experiences from success to failure. It has been continuously involved in the product development and marketing strategies in the highly competitive and rapidly changing market.There have been various points where the company and its management had to take strategic decisions. It was strong leadership and clear objectives that the company has been able to face the change in the market with proper strategic moves. Some of the strategic decisions are summarised below:Amstrad had been continuously involved in the product development process for the new products for the existing market. It has established itself as a low-cost product provider. One of the key strategies it has followed was pricing strategy. The innovation of Double Decker Machines, Phone book data bank, e-m@iler and others are some of the examples.Amstrad has entered into telecommunication business. It is an example of the diversification growth opportunity. Telecom sector was growing sector and at the initial growth phase of its product cycle. There was a lot of opportunities to establish and gain profits with the growing market.Amstrad has been adopting various marketing and product strategies from the day it has started its business operations. It has attracted major advertisers for its digital media platform that is e-m@iler watch launched in 2001. It was a virtual tool for neighbour watch. It also released next-generation Digital Set Top Box in the same year. In 2002 it has launched the next generation of e-m@iler which offered more services to the customers. These services were internet access and entertainment related. Fro 2003 to till today Amstrad has been focussing more on the technical and operational side of the business. The supply chain management is the main focus area it has emphasised more on the supplier side and reduction of the overall cost of the product adding value to the customers profitably.