Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer

The topic under discussion is controversial because of the following reason: there are many studies that have verified the lack of involvement of cell phones in the development of cancer. Still, numerous studies have published for warning people on the close relationship between cell phones and cancer. The two aspects, i.e. sides, of the particular topic are analyzed in this paper. The controversies involved are explained using relevant literature. The potential role of a technology-related theory, the technological determinism in the analysis of the study’s issue is also explored.In regard to the literature presented in this paper, the following fact should be highlighted: the literature includes the popular press and the academic journals published in the particular field. The popular press used in this study includes articles published in the website of popular newspapers and news channels, such as the Telegraph, Daily Express and BBC News. Also, studies published in academic journals are employed for exploring more effectively the issue under discussion. Both the articles and the studies are as recent as possible. The articles and the studies are compared, by referring to their characteristics and their content, for coming to a conclusion in regard to this study’s subject. It should be noted that the articles and the studies chosen cover both sides related to the topic under discussion.The first Side related to the issue under discussion is based on the view that the use of cell phones cannot result to cancer. This view is supported by a series of scholarly studies and by articles published in popular press. One of the most known studies that promote the specific Side is the one developed by the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology (Denmark). The above Institute checked the health effects of cell phones for 350,000. the duration of the study reached the 18 years (Triggle 2011).