Do Human Rights Have a Substantive Universal Meaning

1It is also common knowledge that for several years Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have worked endlessly to ensure that the human rights violations within Iraq stop and thus normalcy is restored at the earliest but somehow or the other, this thing has never actually materialized at the top level.Human rights issues have brought to light the various roles which are played by the human rights agencies and their linkage with them on the topmost levels of the government. Thus the question of whether or not there is some significance in the whole quagmire is pretty evident since the human rights situation the world over is quite appalling to say the least. Take the case of Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba and one finds out what the meaning of this regime is all about. Furthermore, there seems to be no respite for any governing body since the violations of human rights seem to continue and the world’s topmost bodies, who incidentally are also known as the governing councils are doing absolutely nothing.Human rights are particularly more important in the light of the deteriorating situations which are prevalent within Iraq and Afghanistan where suicide bombings, mass killings, and the like are pretty rampant2. Add to that, rape of women and molestation of children also form as the most significant of crimes that can only be remarked as heinous right from the onset.Iraq crisis has had many issues that come under the human rights perspective. Similarly, it is pretty much correct to state that human rights have been one of the biggest problems ever since the whole muddle started in the year 2003. How Bush’s and Blair’s armies destroyed the whole of the nation is way too much when we compare with what Saddam Hussein did with his motherland. In a manner that can only be remarked as a countermeasure, the American and the British forces justified their war on Iraq.