Dyslexia and Its Impact on Personality

The issue of Dyslexia has been recognized to be as significant, like small children who are not able to express their feelings completely go through issues at school and in front of their friends. They may have a varying IQ and hence they may be really good in school are otherwise. However, they require special attention from their teachers and care-takers. they may need help in areas other normal children may not.The Irish community and the government have been kind and proactive enough to understand this situation and include the training of school teachers and representatives regarding dealing with children or people suffering from this issue. However, there needs to be an effort from the child as well. Being denied from a capability would require certain coping skills from the children so that they are able to live with self-esteem in their society. However, struggling with dyslexia and its related issues before being diagnosed can have a sufficient impact on the personality of the children, which may be visible with time to come. This research aims to understand the issues that children may face before being diagnosed and the necessary coping skills that they needed at that time.The research aims to develop an understanding of the issues that children might face when they are suffering from dyslexia. An example of an issue that they might face is that of low self-esteem and confidence in front of their peers. In the case of visual dyslexia, they might not be as good in academics as their peers are and hence create self-esteem issues. At such a young age, certain coping skills that are needed to manage the situation and emerge out as a winner. The research aims to identify such coping skills that may be required in children to successfully manage tough situations before being diagnosed with dyslexia.The general objective of this research is to outline the issues that dyslexic children may face prior to diagnosis and understand the various kinds of coping skills.