Econ Questions

These fresh British measures were attributed to be the one apparent economic reason for the revolt. The economic cause which was the wish to break free from the British trade guidelines along with other causes led to the American Revolution (Stanley, 2012. Rockoff Walton, 2009).The American Revolution was caused as a result of two common movements. The movements entailed the fightback for self national independence as well as self-government along with the fightback between the people of America for the desire of increased democratic order. However, the revolution had a profound economic cause which was the unequal allocation of soaring levels related to the material welfare of the colonial Americans among the regions. The South was then considered to be the most affluent region as it surpassed the per capita earnings and wealth of the Middle colonies and also in New England. It was believed in his context that the income, as well as the wealth, witnessed a just and equal allocation till the early period of the nineteenth-century which marked the commencement of industrialization. However, it was observed that the prevalent disparities related to the income as well as wealth subsisted for long. For instance, 20 percent of the most affluent New Englanders had possession of about 66 percent of the entire wealth. In the case of the South, the topmost fifth affluent individuals possessed a wealth of around 70 percent. In other words, the South was referred to be the region that had the highest concentration of wealth whereas the least distribution of wealth was observed to be in the Middle colonies. The thick concentration of wealth in the South was principally attributed to the reason of domination and control about the wealthy plantations which benefitted greatly owing to the ‘economies of scale’ associated with production (Warren, 2008)