Effects of the Model Minority on Asian Americans

The American government did not exactly stop China from controlling Chinese Americans in the U.S. did not protect Chinese Americans in Americans soil because it continued to see the latter as suspected illegal aliens, even after World War II. Furthermore, the U.S. government did not take positive actions to create equal conditions for Chinese Americans. It practised racial profiling as a means of cleansing the U.S. of suspected communist Chinese Americans. This statement, “Chinese in the United States were subjected to a highly institutionalized structure of dual domination?” means that Chinese Americans had two lords in the U.S. – the U.S. government and the Chinese government. Both governments subjected Chinese Americans to racial oppression and exclusion, as already explained in the first paragraph. World War II did little to ease racism and oppression against Chinese Americans. Although President Roosevelt compelled the U.S. Congress in 1943 to repeal the Chinese exclusion laws, he did so because it was an essential military strategy. He also replaced it with a less stringent exclusionary law through the immigration quota system. During the Cold War, instead of improving the rights and liberties of Chinese Americans, the U.S.government practised racial profiling to denaturalize or deport suspected or real communist Chinese Americans. Many Chinese Americans stayed silent and assimilated to show the U.S. that they were not bound to China or to communism. It was effective for them because it decreased American actions against them. The effect on the atomic bombs on Japan and its economy is that, at first, the Japanese got angry at their military leaders, and many accepted that their nation should never launch another war, while the Japanese economy severely suffered initially because of lost jobs and the destruction of cities during the atomic bombing. First, after the atomic bombing, the Japanese remarkably felt more resentment for their military forces than the U.S. government.