Efficiency of the Fire Protection Trainings

Fire investigation is very essential to help people realize and eliminate the unsafe practices that lead to fire breakout. Fire investigation can also be employed in the study of the effectiveness of fire training education of the occupants in protecting the buildings against the harmful effects of fire.Fire protection has long been a matter of major concern to the investors. Protecting the building against fire has been a big challenge for the builders. Successful entrepreneurs have considered it as one of the major areas of investment. Legislations like Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) have placed great emphasis on the workers’ education and training. It is emphasized that employers should necessarily educate their workers on health and safety matters. Fire training is one of the necessary areas of education. (www.osha.gov, 2002) mentioned that under the Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 1910 Subparts E and L. and Part 1926 Subparts C and F, OSHA states that it is the employers’ responsibility to train their workers about fire hazards and teach them what to do when a building catches fire, where to escape from and how to use fire fighting equipment. This has led to the concept of fire training courses. Fire training is gaining employers’ attention because of a large emphasis on the health and safety aspects of the business in the present age. Failing to comply with the standards set by the health and safety legislation may expose the owners to severe liabilities and penalties. This research aims at drawing a comparison between the performance of fire trained workers and untrained workers in fire prevention of the buildings in the UK. To achieve this purpose, the buildings with recent fire breakouts will be investigated and the information will be compared with those which had been occupied by untrained workers. Investigation will be carried out by some licensed companies as usual.