Elaborating the Interconnectedness of the Numerous Global Crises

In addition to an environmental and political crisis, the economic crisis which enveloped the developed countries of the Western world raises questions about the sustainability of capitalism as the driving force of the global economy. Seeking to understand the shifts from economic globalization towards sustainability, the following will begin with a clear definition of the concept of sustainability as well as the interconnectedness between the sustainability crisis and the other manifestations of the crisis affecting our planet. Following this, an analysis of the concept of disabling will provide examples of this phenomenon and the interconnectedness of the numerous global crises will be elaborated. Furthermore, this essay will attempt to explain why humans have allowed their home planet to be destroyed and have acquiesced to the inequities and ideology involved in the capitalist economic system.Sustainable development is a concept which has become quite popular in recent political discourse but is not often properly understood. Accordingly, sustainable development refers to development which is possible of sustaining itself for future generations, thus meeting human needs but also preserving the environment. Utilizing the concept in an African context, sustainable development would refer to helping rural farmers develop today and provided them with the tools they need in order to harvest their crops but also give them the knowledge and skills they require in order to continue to innovate and develop their cultivation process. Sustainable development looks at long-term solutions while also emphasizing the immediacy of short-term action. According to Lester R. Brown in his Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, the present sustainability crisis that the world is now facing is directly related to the social and economic crises of the past and present. Accordingly, our planet is suffering from the ramifications of centuries of misuse and unsustainable development.