Emotional Intelligence Training and Leadership Behavior of Administrators

Actors play a crucial role in the future of an organization, and thus, the proposed research will focus on different aspects of research administrators, mainly their emotional intelligence, leadership behavior, and the role that training plays in enhancing the abovementioned characteristics in a research administrator.In brief, research administration is one of the fields that lacks the number of researches carried on it. In the late 1980s, one of the experts noted that success or failure of higher academic institutions depends primarily on the skills and efficacy of research administrators. however, unfortunately, a huge aspect of this field is still unrecognizable due to lack of research on it. In this regard, it has now become very imperative that one carries out extensive research on the research administrators that will play a vital role in enabling experts to understand the role of research administrators, and thus, will allow the administration to take efficient steps in providing a stronghold platform to them.Until the late 1960s, the profession of research administrator was considered a part-time profession. however, it has been an observation that today, research administrators are enjoying an important status in their organizations. In specific, research administrators play a crucial role in protecting the complex structure of an academic institution, usually a higher academic institution (Braxton, 1992). Historically, analysis has indicated that research administrators were introduced in the academic institutions to justify the requirements of the federal government, as well as provide platforms to philanthropists to carry out their activities formally in the institutions. However, as the incursion of funds witnessed increment and number of higher academic institutions increased, the research administrators began to witness a radical alteration in their responsibilities from providing a platform to NGOs and formalizing demands of the government from protecting.