English Language Learning

We have selected Pakistan as our target market as Urdu is their mother tongue and most of the people like to go abroad to work or get higher education. Therefore, they usually face problems if they are not familiar with this language and hence join different institutes in order to learn English ( Shahid, 2008). The demand for the English language is not only for people who go abroad, but people who are eager to work in multinational companies located in Pakistan also need to know English to communicate with their colleagues. Moreover, the government language of Pakistan is English. hence all the legal documentations are made in English. Because of the low standard of education in Pakistan, people usually prefer to join some professional English language learning institute to learn English (Place of English language in Pakistan. 2004). Hence, this market has great potential for your English language institute to get successful.In the following report, we have identified and explained various aspects of the market of Pakistan based on our research in the region with respect to the potential of the English language learning institute in Pakistan.Pakistan is a country with a population of 17 million people belonging to a range of cultures and speaking different languages, other than Urdu, which is the national language of the country ( Rehman, Tariq. 2008). A large percentage of educated and uneducated people from Pakistan go abroad to either work or get higher education from foreign universities as the employment rate of Pakistan is low and the standard of education is not high enough to meet international standards except for a few good universities. People who plan to go abroad usually have to give and English language test, IELTS and they prefer to become proficient in speaking and writing English so that they can easily communicate with people abroad.