Ensuring the Development of the Successful Team

These factors underline the basis of the teams performing a singular whole than disjointed units within the framework of the organization or the group that they are working under. Constituting a team is an important measure since it explains the manner in which the team members would carry out their processes and activities in order to reach the ultimate objective – the goal which is insight. Also, the presence of a leader within the ranks is also significant since he is the one who ensures that commitment and devotion are laid towards the activities of the whole team and that the team members are dedicated to the cause of serving the objectives of the team. (Bonner, 1959)A leader would guarantee that the team members remain on their toes and are up and ready in order to outperform each other so that the end result is one that will make the team stand out as a whole. The objectives of the team are more quintessential than the individual members and this is one aspect that the leader brings with him whilst formulating a high-performance team. People selection and recruitment stands as a very essential step of the formulation of teams since right kind of people must be geared up to the task and it is a must to check the kind of motivation that these team members have at the very moment and whether or not the same would remain like that within the future. Thus these factors are deemed as very important whilst getting the people under an umbrella which would actually see that the teams would get the right kind of members within their hold and this is important since it will decide how the team would actually perform within the future and in the long run. (Michaelsen, 2002) One must understand that team members are committed to the task and remain in line with the strategies and tactics deployed by the team leaders so that the team is a successful or high performing one, both in difficult circumstances and in times of ease as well. This eventually will help the team keep in nice stead of the whole situation at all times possible.