Environment Protection Law in the European Union and Egypt

The European Union consists of European countries. This was the region that was witness to industrialization. Not surprisingly, the pollution levels, initially, in this area were quite alarming. However, as developed nations, the EU member states have overcome this problem to a major extent. To this end, the EU has drafted a number of laws.In respect of air and water pollution, the EU has been successful to a considerable extent to contain them within safe limits. The quantity of emissions into the atmosphere has reduced significantly. Several directives have compelled the Member States to enforce a proper reporting mechanism.Environmental protection has gained considerable prominence during the past three decades. Many countries have introduced new technologies and regulatory measures to contain air pollution. The US has been the first among the countries that had successfully controlled environmental pollution. These countries have recognized the fact that environmental pollution harms human health. As such, stringent measures have been implemented to reduce air pollution.The EU’s geographical scope is restricted due to this factor. Enlargement would result in the extension of boundaries. In such a situation, the EU would be in a position to deal with overlapping polluters, like Poland and Bulgaria. This would be of great help to vulnerable countries like Sweden and Norway.During the period between 1986 and 1999, there were various reforms to the EC treaties. These steps rendered the Environment Directorate General a more powerful organ of the EU. The reforms included Articles 2 and 3 into the Treaties Act as constitutional obligations. They constitute the bedrock for the environmental policies of the EU. However, it is not specified, anywhere in the treaty that the EU has to develop and implement a common environmental policy.Egypt is a developing country in the Third World and countenances problems that are akin to that faced by the other developing nations in the region. In addition, its massive and exploding population and depleting natural resources are major setbacks. Its environmental problems include those on account of air, water, and land pollution. The central problem Egypt faces at present is that of environmental pollution.