Exploring Organisations Birmingham City Business School

The business school is also well known for the situation where it publically made available the fact that students were outsourcing their assignments and coursework to suppliers who would bid and finish their work for them. The business school at this point in time has five different departments which offer specialized programs to the students. The specialized programs have been designed based on the current market needs and analyzing the requirements of the business industry. These needs have clarified the types of programs that the requirement of today and, thus the structure is based on providing the best quality intellect to the businesses of today. (Birmingham, 2010) This paper specifically aims to identify the issues and problems that exist within this organization along with ways and measures to help improve Birmingham City Business School, so that it becomes a better and more effective organization. Various theoretical frameworks will be used to analyze the organization and come up with solutions grounded in theory. Feasibility of each idea and measure has been evaluated as well to see which set of solutions would be most effective for improving the business school in the longer term. … Thus, implementation of organizational strategy is delayed which give rise to other organizational issues with respect to proper alignment of resources, human resources on board and development of a task force. The problems multiply manifold since decision making is extremely bureaucratic. As a result, the organization is facing issues that lead to lower revenues and lower utilization of key resources. (Harris, 2004) Moreover, there is male domination across the organization. There are more male professors and male students in every field. There are just 30% female students compared to 70% male students in all disciplines. (Economist, 2012) Thus, there is a need for gender balance. Birmingham Business School and all the other Universities across UK are trying to create gender balance. (Dingley, 2012) Furthermore, in Birmingham Business School only 16% students are enrolled from Europe, whereas 61% are enrolled from Asia and Australasia. Even though, Birmingham Business School is proud of the level of international students, there is a need to create a balance and try to hire students from other parts of the World such as Middle East, North America, Latin America and Africa. (Economist, 2012) (Anon., 2010) Another key problem within Birmingham City Business School is that of communication. Communication between departments is not strong because of which each department works in a silo and does not find out about the achievements and requirements of other departments. In addition to that, external communication of the organization is impacted since the organization cannot cater to immediate needs of the external stakeholder because the internal stakeholders do not have complete and accurate information from within