Extra CreditDue 3/25You may pick one of the following options for extra credit. Each option is worth a different amount of points. Choose the option that you think you can actually do well. I will award no credit for work that doesn’t meet a minimum reasonable standard of quality. Credit will be awarded based on three subjective tiers of quality: Okay (33%) Good (66%) and Great (100%). To receive a “Great,” I need to be impressed, which I know you are capable of doing.Option 1 (30 points):Make a geology figure (like one you might find in a textbook) or a geologic model. The figure may be hand drawn or you may use a program like Photoshop or GIMP. The figure must take up a normal sized page and appear professional. You may not choose the rock cycle and there must be some artistic component. The model is open to your imagination bust must either be labeled or come with a paragraph explaining what the model shows.Option 2 (20 points):Make me a figure of the rock cycle. Make it look professional, accurate, and polished. Title it “The Rock Cycle.” The figure must take up a normal sized page and look like effort was put in to receive credit.Option 3 (10 points):Write me a geology poem. Minimum 5 lines.Good luck, I hope you all enjoy your break. Look at your notes at least once!