Finance and Accounting Sparkle Plc

The annual report not only contains the financial statements such as income statement, balance sheet, or cash flow statements but also other reports such as director’s report, auditor’s report, corporate social responsibility information, etc. In short, the annual report contains company’s business functions, products or services, sources of finances and resources, human resource involvement, countries of operation, responsibilities and contribution towards society, performance in terms of revenue generation, financial and accounting standards that it follows, and future goals or objectives structured for the next year (Thomsett, 2007, p. 5).This report is Sparkle Plc., a company which deals with cleaning products. Sparkle Plc. want to prepare their annual reports to attract more investors and also present a transparent image to their existing shareholders. The board of directors of the company already has the idea that the annual report would include the financial statements of the company. However, as discussed it is not only the financial statements that are important because many investors do not and cannot assess the financial health of the company only through revenue figures. So this report would include a detailed analysis as to what information should be included to make the annual report of Sparkle Plc. complete and appropriate to the shareholders and potential investors