Francais Company Fashion Industry Small Business

The Francais brand merchandise is sold via directly managed retail outlets located in shopping malls.Francais serves a niche in the United States market for high-quality, fashionable ladies wear. Currently, Francais focuses on a select trendier, upscale segment, with 15 high profile stores in California and New York. With its Francais line of smart blouses, dress pants, and short skirts, the company targets young, stylish women and benefits from the bigger margins enjoyed in more upscale niches of women’s clothing.Many middle and upper-class American women are willing to pay a higher price just to get the best product quality and service they can have. Common personality traits include being concerned with physical appearance and prioritization of quality and brand. Furthermore, consumers from our target segment desire clothing products that satisfy changing fashion tastes.The target customers can be described as those who shop as a form of therapy and escape from everyday life, and who enjoy scanning almost as much as buying. Hence, their personality possesses the tendency to shop more, spend more, and seek the greatest enjoyment out of the shopping experienceBased on a survey conducted among target customers, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston are viewed as positive role models for the women customers because both are believed to have overcome adversity and are women of integrity. To them, apparel is the most important product category consuming the greatest proportion of their disposable income. In addition, usual customers intimated that characteristics most associated with a popular brand are high quality and advertising.I entered this business because I noticed that there is a need for fashion apparel retail stores catered to young women seeking higher-quality clothing at an affordable price in many areas in California and New York.Based on statistics, there is a void in the market for higher-priced but quality designer clothes, and women are a growing base in many cities in the United States.