From Social Network to Privacy Issues

There are many existing research studies on the emergent phenomenon of Facebook. Research on online privacy generally finds out that Facebook as an online social networking site has pros and cons. It is advantageous because of the ability to maintain or even strengthen social capital such as friends, family, colleagues, and others (Ellison et al. 1143-1167). However, this research review will shed light on the often taken for granted concerns on online social networking sites, in particular, the case of Facebook. This paper is significant for the reason that it presents the existing knowledge on the famous phenomenon of social networking sites through Facebook. It is important because through the examination of the three (3) scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles: “Facebook and Online Privacy: Attitudes, Behaviors, and Unintended Consequences” by Debatin, Lovejoy, Horn, and Hughes, “The Benefits of Facebook “Friends”: Social Capital and College Student’s Use of Online Social Networking Sites” by Ellison, Steinfield, and Cliff, and “Information Revelation and Privacy in Online Social Networks (The Facebook Case) “ by Gross and Acquisti, I am able to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of online social networking sites. Its advantage lies in the power to develop and even maintain social connections but its disadvantage has something to do with the often taken for granted in our society, which is having a representation of oneself on the web puts the individual at risk from the unintended consequences of online social networking sites. Its risks vary from minor to serious implications of online privacy. As an overview of how this research review will go through, the discussion of this article is presented in such a way that: first shows the benefits of having an online social networking site. next tackles the risks of disclosing personal information in Facebook.. last is the conclusion on thebeing examined, “Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook.”