The intersection Causing AnthropoceneThe current error is characterized by the extinction of various species of both aquatic and nonaquatic vegetation, animals, and birds as a result of the polluted sea and ocean waters changed atmospheric climate and other implications of human conduct. Frederic Neyrat shows in the reading, “The Logic of Geopower: Power, Management, and Earth Stewardship”, which homo sapiens currently focus on shifting to global financial prudence through industrialization whose focus leaves geologists concerned as they consider the effects of global shifts on the Earth (Neyrat 65). The link between industrialized economies, government administration, and media in the form of news communication and art (known as Capitalocene by philosophers) has kept geologists worried about the Earth and varying climate. My central claim is that intersection of customers, technology corporations, governments, and individual rights to online information is the leading cause of Earth’s recent entry into a new era of Anthropocene.Home sapiens have dominated the variation and changes taking place in the atmosphere, oceans, and seas as well as the land. The link facilitated entry into the Anthropocene era since the beginning of the current automated industry and utilization of fossil energies, says Simon Dalby in the “Biopolitics and Climate Security in the Anthropocene” (Dalby 187). The intersection has caused technology to advance at a very high rate leading to changes in the business handling process globally, especially for technological companies such as Apple Inc., Google, Amazon, IBM, among many others. Apple Incorporation’s recent report about selling a billion of its iOS products provides evidence of the sheering amount of electronic instruments and devices on the globe. The criticism of Apple and other technology corporations for implementation of design tactics that have negative implications on the environment and government is not banning them due to the intersection supports this evidence. The probability of geologists encountering massive quantities of electronic and microelectronic waste in the future is very high, proving that the intersection is facilitating entry into the Anthropocene epoch.
Besides, the technology brings not only the interactions but also the pollution. The wastes of electronics, media has increased pollution through newspaper remains, noise, emission, and others as a result of the internet that has accelerated the issue of technological muddle (Neyrat 57). The advanced technology world is characterized by increased interactions between consumers and technological corporations via different social media platforms such as corporation websites, Facebook, among others. Rights to individual information online have enhanced the use of media, leading to dumping of vast seams of newspapers, hard disks, books, and DVDs on the Earth’s surface but go underground as time goes on. This fossil and vestige record (known as the geology of media by geologists) has negative, severe, and enduring implications to species, which can prompt the present geological epoch to be declared Anthropocene. This media sub-claim supports the central claim that the intersection of customers, technology corporations, governments, and individual rights to online information is the leading cause of Earth’s recent entry into a new era of Anthropocene.The government affects geology directly through political affairs, structural designs, and projects. Worldwide economies demand enlargement of business structures that require massive sand volume for earthworks and fortifications, leading to the importation of sand by some of the countries such as Singapore. Sand mining for new architectural designs for worldwide economies by Homo sapiens destroys riparian and aquatic life through the destruction of habitats caused by alteration of stream or ocean morphology. Implications that alter the morphology include degradation and coursing of bed, lowering of water tables, and causing instability of aquatic sources hence the extinction of various species. The government affects the globe as the governing body involved in the governance of the interactions between the technological corporations and their consumers. Consumers and corporations have the right to individual data. Still, it is suffering issues of privacy, leading to the need for more software installation for security purposes hence more pollution. Technology advancement is also associated with increased pollution through emissions of greenhouse gases (Neyrat 57). Technology is made to improve human life, but it is endangering the lives of other aquatic vegetation and animals; hence Homo sapiens predominate the current epoch. Public government regulations that can adapt to technological changes are required to empower innovations driven by environmental protection. Still, the government’s intersection with technology corporations has hindered the development of such legislation. This evidence supports the claim that the intersection of customers, technology corporations, governments, and individual rights to online information is the leading cause of Earth’s recent entry into a new era of Anthropocene.Neyrat’s words support the claim that the intersection of customers, technology corporations, governments, and individual rights to online information is the leading cause of Earth’s recent entry into a new era of Anthropocene. The main aim of stewardship of the Earth is to ensure the protection of human welfare through the protection of the environment but not to safeguard people from the environment (Neyrat 57). Earth’s stewardship should be based on the viewpoint that can integrate more approaches and metrics than the environmentalists had traditionally considered. Neyra agrees to the fact that technology is right as it makes human life comfortable hence cannot be resisted by human beings. However, the writer suggests that technologies are implemented by people with the capability to make a variety of innovations. The innovations may include the use of alternative sources of energy other than the use of fuel in technological advancement. This information indicates that humanity has the power to control pollution in a technologically advancing world, but the intersection has hindered the development of environmentally friendly technologies. Neyret supports my claim on intersection by expounding on Anthropocene’s dualistic political groups to emphasize the need of government to counter power the technologically aided stewardship of the Earth, which is harmful to the environment hence causing climate change (Neyrat 59). The technically supported stewardship focuses on spontaneously generating different technologies unconsciously to progress but deny the setting by technological companies and unconscious utilization by consumers. The government should counter power this stewardship by creating laws to govern protection of the environment and personal rights on individual or technological company online data, but the intersection hinders the counteraction.My sub-claim that the intersection has caused adverse effects on the environment is supported by Dalby when he expounds on occurring changes in the physical environment as a result of practices that provide security to specific forms of humanoid life. He mentions substantial social order driven by carboniferous private enterprises and entrepreneurs that utilize these practices to secure humans. The social order represents the technological companies powered by fuel utilizing machines that pollute the environment, and methods are used to describe current innovations made to improve human life. Dalby mentions climate change and security as one vital scope related to the future that government (biopolitical) approaches of risk and contingency management have messed up to address effectually (Dalby 187). This information indicates that the government does not govern some technological perils, and the intersection between all the components has hindered a positive change by making the government reluctant to punish technology firms’ environmental misconduct.Technology should protect humans, and the environment’s safety protects humans from dangers associated with climate change as a result of pollution. Dalby interprets that the argument about association climate and safety stresses that Anthropocene’s environmental situations require altered biopolitics for better handling (Dalby 185). Current knowledge in the management of risk is not capable of adequate protection for the human. The positive intersection is required for the government to generate laws that govern consumer-corporation relationships and the security of individual information online. Dalby’s suggestion for new biopolitics supports the thesis that public government regulations that can adapt to technological changes are required to empower innovations driven by data privacy and environmental protection. The argument on the current ecological situation supports the claim that the intersection of customers, technology corporations, governments, and individual rights to online information is the leading cause of Earth’s recent entry into a new era of Anthropocene.Works CitedDalby, Simon. “Biopolitics and Climate Security in the Anthropocene.” Geoforum, vol. 49, Oct. 2013, pp. 184-192. ScienceDirect, doi: do.doi.org/10.1016/j.geoforum.2013.06.13. Neyret, Frederic. “The Logic of Geo power: Power, Management, and Earth Stewardship.” The Unconstructable Earth: AnEcology of Separation. Fordham U, 2019, pp. 56-67.                                                                                REQUIREMENTS:- Up to 1500-1800 words- write the sub-claims at the beginning of body paragraph- introduce the authors before citing their words- you say that Neyret supports your claim but try not to use this language too much.

The Causes and Effect of Tsunami

The second effect of a tsunami is the deadly push of the ocean wave that will destroy everything on its path. The energy accumulated by the movement of the ocean floors also creates a push on the ocean waves that strikes nearby shorelines. This push created by the ocean waves increases as the waves travel to the shoreline making it very powerful that it could destroy everything that would stand on its path. This travel from the epicenter to the shoreline makes the tsunami stronger albeit it is caused by the movement on the ocean floors. The massive waves that characterize tsunamis can be a wave train or a series of powerful waves that would race toward shorelines making its destructive nature exponential by the multiples of its waves (www. Geology.com). Its strength can literally wipe out a community on the shoreline that will strike. This includes human beings, animals, trees and even structures. A strong tsunami is so destructive that it can even damage structures that are designed to withstand strong waves. The third effect of the tsunami is a disease. After the water of the tsunami has ebbed, it will leave rotting bodies of living things it drowned and plenty of contaminated water that could potentially precipitate an epidemic in the affected area. The diseases that the tsunami aftermath will range from skin diseases to more lethal diseases such as malaria that could potentially make the entire community sick if the disease is not attended. Tsunamis are indeed very powerful forces of nature that are very destructive and frightening. Its aftermath can leave diseases to the community it affected that could potentially make everyone sick. Also, the amount of energy accumulated in the bottom of the ocean that drives the waves of tsunamis are so powerful it can destroy anything that stands on its path. The power of its waves is terrifying because it can kill people and other living things in multitudes. Not even strong structures can withstand the power of a tsunami because it can destroy such structures like as the case of Fukushima plant that was supposed to be protected by a tsunami wall.

Modeling Spatial Economic Impacts of an Earthquake

This website discusses the Hazard US model for estimating the various impacts of the earthquake including the economic impact of the same. This model is a unique model as it can allow estimating the impact if an earthquake happens in the future including assessing the structural damage that can happen as a result of an earthquake. Tarbuck, Edward J, and Frederick K. Lutgens. Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology. Prentice-Hall: New Jersey, 1996.This book basically discusses the scientific analysis of the earthquakes from the geological point of view and attempt to outline the various scientific tools and methods available that can be utilized to study the various impacts of earthquakes on the society. Discussing purely from the point of geology, this book also narrates the various economic implications of the earthquake on the society. This book also discusses the historical perspectives of the earthquakes and their overall impacts on the society as and when such large catastrophic events took place.Brunious, Courtney and Amanda Warner. Earthquakes and Society. 2009. 10 March 2010 lt.http://www.umich.edu/~gs265/society/earthquakes.htmgt..This webpage discusses very thoroughly the various scientific basis of the earthquake, how happens and what are the different internal processes that actually happen within the crust of the earthquake to cause the damage. This webpage also discusses the societal impact of earthquakes including discussing how society and individuals perceive the earthquakes and its dynamic impacts on society.Berlin, Lennis G. Earthquakes and the Urban Environment. vol I. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 1980.This study outlines the overall preparedness of the society in the wake of an earthquake by studying the San Francisco earthquake. The results of this survey indicate that the overall preparedness of the individuals is at its minimum and authorities need to create a strong awareness regarding the potential impacts of the earthquake on the society and what should be the role of various stakeholders to overcome the after-effects of any such catastrophic event.

Geology Volcanoes&amp

Earthquake Assignment21Because of this, the P-wave shadow zone occurs and seismometers do not record the initial waves.9. Magnitude refers to the measurement of the energy that an earthquake releases and it may be given through Ritcher scale. The lowest scale is 2.5 or less, which is normally not felt, but is recorded by a seismograph. Scale of 2.5 to 5.4 means minor damage and can be felt most of the time. Scale of 5.5 to 6.0 will cause damage to structures while scale of 6.1 to 6.9 will cause damage in an area with heavy population. Major earthquakes record scales of 7.0 to 7.9 while a magnitude of 8.0 or higher can destroy an entire community located near the epicenter.10. The intensity of an earthquake means a measure of the earthquake’s power of shaking. The intensity is measured by the Mercalli scale that represents the damage or effect that the earthquake causes. Intensity can range from I to XII given in Roman numerals.11. Intensity of an earthquake varies for various reasons. It decreases with distance of the earthquake. Intensity also depends on the shape of the building, foundation, or mode of construction. Intensity also varies depending on the near surface or regional geologic conditions.20. Vertical evacuation refers to a method of evacuation preferred for helping people out of the area affected by an earthquake or Tsunami. It involves structures that resemble artificial hills such as a ramp or a lighthouse. A vertical evacuation used in the case of a Tsunami allows the waves to pass through the lighthouse or ramp while victims seek refuge in top floors.21. Things that ought to be in an emergency supply kit subsume a flashlight, food, water, weather radio, spare batteries, first aid kit, medical items and seven-day supply of medications, personal hygiene items, multi-purpose tool, hygiene and sanitation items, cell phone with charging system, contact information, emergency

The strong earthquakes happened in Sichuan province how it influence local people

The Wenchuan and Ya’an earthquakes have been devastating to the local people. Wenchuan earthquake occurred in 2008 while Ya’an earthquake occurred in 2013 (Chen et al 2013). This paper seeks to discuss the occurrence of the Sichuan Province’s earthquake and how influenced local people.Sichuan Province has a pre-cambrium basement with a double layer texture (Yueqiao et al 2013). This is exposed in the province forming the Western region. This pre-cambrium basement is what forms the Upper Yangtze Platform. In the time of late Palaeozoic-Masozoic geology states that the Sichad seat was the point where the Asian plates extended from. It led to Palaeo-Tethys extended from Southwest Asia to Southeast Asia. Sichuan Province harbors plateaus on its Western side. Thisplateaus are cited as the greatest Indosinian fold zones on the planet Earth. The province has also experienced very strong Post- Triassic intercontinental modifications. This includes cases of various geotectonic movements in the Province like block faulting, seismic activity, glaciations and mudflows. This incidence has led to a situation referred to as a geological mystery in Sichuan province (Gioncu amp. Federico 2011).Sichuan Province is susceptible to earthquakes and studies have shown reasons for the occurrences of earthquakes in the region (der Hilst 2008). The man-made activities together with the natural factors have led to the high prevalence of earthquakes in Sichuan Province. Engineers in Geology and Seismology have reported that that the water collected in the Zipingpu water reservoir triggered the earthquake. The dam is made up of 470 fit high concrete upstream from Dujiangyan (der Hilst 2008). It was seen that the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008 its epicenter was close to the dam. It was four miles from the dam and the area around the dam was highly affected by the earthquake (Macdougall 2011).According to the world Commission on dams, the 2008

Mars Reconnaissance orbiter

In this particular essay, the mission, roles along with the responsibilities of MRO would be discussed in order to determine the effectiveness of the activities performed by MRO. Moreover, the instruments through which MRO has been assisted in order to seek evidences regarding the persistence of water on Mars surface for several years would also be discussed in the essay. In addition, the discoveries and related snapshots would also be depicted in the essay.While determining the mission, roles along with responsibilities and the scope of MRO, it can be apparently observed that the aspect of MRO comprises certain effective scientific instruments for the purpose of analyzing the stratigraphy, landforms, ice and minerals present in Mars. In this similar concern, the instruments can be observed as radars, cameras, sensors and spectrometers among others. Specially mentioning, the above discussed instruments assist future spacecraft in terms of scrutinizing the prevailing surface as well as weather conditions in Mars. Moreover, the instruments aid in studying effectively the prospective landing sites and most importantly hosting an innovative telecommunications system. Notably, MRO is regarded as a mission, which has been designed by NASA in order to analyze the atmosphere, weather and geology prevailing in Mars. The studies conducted by MRO reveal the identification of the deposits of minerals that had formed specifically in water in Mars over longer period of time and the evidences of shorelines of prehistoric lakes and seas. Moreover, the studies of MRO indicated the amount of deposits in layers that took place due to flow of water in Mars. After acquiring a brief idea about the studies conducted by MRO and its focus upon seeking evidences concerning the prevalence of water in Mars, it can be affirmed that it might attract the viewers or the individuals towards acquiring a brief idea about the above

Worksheet Resources Google Earth Open The 2 Exploring Geology Using Geotours &Gt

I. Geologic Structures


Worksheet Resources: Google Earth – Open the 2. Exploring Geology Using Geotours I. Geologic Structures

folder. 1. Problem Materials – Check and double-click items associated with each problem to travel to the appropriate location with the prescribed perspective/zoom. 2. Geologic Structures Geotours Library – Explore additional Geotours in this folder to help answer problems. Geoscience – Consult a textbook and/or Internet resources to help answer some problems.

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Question 26

Rock layer ends abruptly in the northeast direction while it
remains continuous in southwest direction.
This limbs indicates an anticline
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The rate of weathering is also affected by various factors such as climate, geology, relief, soil or vegetation cover, as well as human activity. Research studies regarding the causes and effects of weathering continues and play a vital role in understanding the history of earth movement and development. Weathering is defined as group of slow processes by which surface rocks are broken into smaller pieces or dissolve into water as caused by the impact of the atmosphere and hydrosphere. It is considered as the primary stage in the denudation of the landscape since rocks are loosened by the weathering process. The length of time that rocks and minerals have been exposed at the surface of the earth will dictate the degree to which they have weathered. Pushkar (799) explained the process of weathering: Soils are derived from the parent rocks by the process called weathering. Formation of soil is initiated by disintegration or weathering of parent rocks by certain physical, chemical or biological agents. As a result, soil-forming rocks are broken down into small particles called regoliths, which finally develop into mature soil by pedogenesis. After the loosened rock particle moves due to flowing agents specifically air, water or ice, erosion or mass wasting occurs. Erosion refers to the movement down slope due to gravity (US Geological Survey National Park Service). Physical weathering or mechanical weathering is a type of weathering in which the breakdown of rock relies solely through mechanical forces such as freeze thaw, pressure release, thermal expansion, salt crystallization, sand blast, and glaciation, which do not alter the chemical composition of the rock. Freeze thaw refers to the breakdown of rocks as a result of the expansion of water during freezing which is common in places where temperature often fluctuates around zero degrees Celsius like in upland Britain. This procedure is most effective in jointed rocks particularly granite. Pressure release or dilation happens when weathering and erosion removes overlying rocks. The released pressure expands the rocks, making it to have fractures which weaken the rocks as they become susceptible to weathering agents. Sheeting of rock follows when cracks develop parallel to the surface. Thermal expansion, also called as insolation weathering, results from large diurnal temperature ranges that influences heating and cooling of the rock. The rock expands when heated and contracts when cooled. The changes caused by differing temperature results in stresses in the rock layers. Salt crystallization takes place when saline water passes through crevasses and joints in rocks, evaporates, and salt crystals are formed as the dissolved salts crystallize. The crystals can cause granular disintegration or the gradual breaking off grains of rock. Sand blast occurs in arid and desert conditions when wind and sand disrupts rocks. Lastly, glaciation or ice formation corrodes and breakdown rocks into sand particles as the melting of ice during summer season move downwardly on the slopes and produces glacier movement (Codrington 252). On the other hand, chemical weathering is defined as the decomposition of a rock by alteration of its chemical composition (Codrington 252). The processes of chemical weathering are solution, hydrolysis, chelation, hydration, carbonation and oxidation-reduction. Solution involves the removal of certain mobile components of rocks for instance, calcium sulphates and chlorides, making the rocks porous and easy to disintegrate. Hydrolysis breaks down or washes out components of rocks such as alumina silicates and silicon which leads to simpler mineral matter like