Go to the Geology Project button and click on the Group Enrollment button and chose a topic. Each group  member will focus on a specific subtopic and group members will need to communicate about the structure  on     incorporating every ones’ portion into one final group project written report.2. 
Each group member must write a ONE PAGE report describing their portion of the group project. Let one   member be in charge of combining the individual pages into one coherent report and not be required to write a
report him/herself.   Include in your one page report:  (1) data table (using excel) to make a graph representing something within  your section of the report. Do not cut and paste another source’s work. You must make this table yourself but  include the source’s reference. (2) One picture related to the information in your section (be sure to give the  source info). (3) Include all references used. Students will submit a typed report, done in a professional manner (cover page, reference section, etc.) on eCampus.3.
Final Group Project should include:   (A)  Cover page with the Report Title, Group member names (ID numbers) and a picture that represents the  group report topic.   (B) Table of Contents page detailing what page number each group member’s topics begin and the name of who wrote those sections.   (C)  A professional style group report – make it flow and look professional:            New Times Roman 12 pt font            1 inch margins            single spacing   (D)  A reference section that includes everyone’s references in alphabetical order, using the format of:            Author last name, first. Year. Title. Source or web address accessed.            Cite references within the report by using the format of: (Author last name, Year) Do this at the end of                           each sentence that uses the source.