Gertrude Bell

Bell’s fondness of the place which was not her country of origin made her exert great efforts almost all her life and even made her reside in the country until her death which had resulted in the establishment of the country we now know as Iraq.Gertrude Bell’s roots can be traced from her great grandfather Thomas Bell, an ironsmith from Carlisle who married Katherine Lowthian, daughter of Isaac Lowthian from Newbiggin, Cumberland, England (Mosley vol. 1, 331). Thomas Bell and Katherine Lowthian bore Gertrude’s grandfather, Sir Isaac Lowthian Bell who was the father of iron industry during the late Victorian era in Middlesbrough and one of the important figures in the British steel industry (Carr 13). Sir Lowthian Bell married Margaret Pattinson who was the daughter of Hugh Lee Pattinson, Cumberland, England’s inventor of the process of silver from lead (Lonsdale 273-320).Sir Isaac Lowthian Bell and Margaret Pattinson had two children, Mary Katherine Bell and Gertrude’s father Sir Thomas Hugh Bell (Mosley, volume 1, p. 331). Thomas Hugh Bell married Maria Shield and had two children, Gertrude Margaret and Maurice Hugh Lowthian Bell (Mosley, volume 1, p. 331).Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell was born on July 14, 1868 (Lukitz 13), an era when massive industrialization and colonial conquests had swept England. It was also in this era that women became popular in literature, the theater, the arts, business, in alleviating poverty, and obviously in politics as the ruler of England then was Queen Victoria. Gertrude was born at a time when women play important roles in society but their rights as citizens were still unclear one major issue on women’s rights was their right to suffrage.Amidst this period and with strong political blood in her veins, Gertrude was destined to be more than just a plain housewife. Her lineage bearing a conferred baronetcy, Gertrude was given an edge from other women in England due to her heritage. Her strong political views and her analytical skills were the most important legacy that she had inherited from her ancestors.