Global Marketing Strategy of Buffalo Wild Wings

The most famous products of the organization are Buffalo wings and various sauces. The organization is popular all over the world as BW3 (Company history, n. d). Over the years, the organization has increased the variety of products with the introduction of more than a dozen unique dipping sauces which are served with the special Buffalo-style chicken wings. Besides specializing in the Buffalo wings, the restaurant chains have included various appetizers, burgers salads, desserts and refreshment in their menu (menus, n. d). More than 250 units of the restaurant are directly under the operation of the organization and the rest are operated by the franchisees (Franchise info, n. d).Reason for the primary choice of the markets of India, Japan, and China could be attributed to the fact that the markets are hugely diversified and the preference of the customers for the fast foods in this part of the world are always at an increasing rate. Another factor which has guided behind the selection of the organization is the fact that the economies in the market of three countries are much more stable among the Asian countries and the organization is expected to deliver its best in the region.Process for the selection of the chosen market: The process of screening of the international market is undertaken by the analysis of the internal and external environment of the potential markets and finally coming to a conclusion regarding the choice of the country. Below is the diagrammatic representation of the screening process Analysis of the market in China for international expansion Market Size: China is the most populous country in the world with a present population of nearly 1.341 billion. The vast population of china attracts business from all industries to invest in the Chinese market.