Grammar Lesson Plan for ESL and EFL Students

The students for whom English is a second language have a tough time understanding and speaking it correctly. Therefore, teachers must help them to improving their reading, writing and understanding the language better by rendering the learning process interesting for the students. For beginner level it is very important to understand and learn whatever is taught in a correct manner and recall it whenever required. The play way method of teaching is more effective in making students understand the topic easily. Teaching by way of interesting activities, involving all the students, is a much better way to make students learn and understand. Learning by way of activities can be more effective and successful than the learning through oral teaching.The teacher will paste a chart paper on the board with few words written on it and will prepare few chits with the opposite of the words written. The class will be divided into 2 or 5 students each in one group, each student will be given a balloon to blow and the balloons will be placed on the last bench with the slips. One student each will get up and select a chit after that read aloud the word written on the slip. Then the student has to match the opposite of the word written on slip with the right word from the chart.If an answer is wrong, the opposite team will burst a balloon of that team. The activity will go on till the last student in the class. The team with more number of balloons left at the end will win. By this type of play method students will become more interested in learning, winning and actively participating in the class.The teacher will assess the understanding of every student with their answers given. The teacher will then ask students to correct the incorrect answers. If still the answer is incorrect, the answers will be corrected by the teacher.